Hogwarts Legacy - WB makes a full AAA RPG for Harry Potter

I can post this on Era without an auto-ban, and I should just keep my mouth shut… but I still think it’s beyond dumb as a consumer to punish the folks that worked hard to make a fun Harry Potter game that evokes the world and characters and spirit of the franchise just because the person who wrote the original books are shitty. Are we supposed to boycott cool Cthulu content now, or whatever? Wasn’t that guy way, way worse than Rawlings? I don’t get it. Maybe I’m too old and set in my ways, but I think it’s wrong to boycott this unless we found out somehow they only hired a bunch of anti-trans bigots to code/do art/market/etc. the game.

In any case, I’m glad it turned out to be a well reviewed game, and it’s now firmly on my radar, probably the PS5 version though, seems like.

He’s dead and not actively using his fortune to harm a marginalized group.

My friend is pretty excited for this game, and it’s tough to bite my tongue so I get it.

The theory is, HP Lovecraft or Michael Jackson won’t win a dime anymore for their works, while Rowling will do.

It’s probably a worthwhile discussion to have – but probably in a separate thread on boycotts, separating the creator from his or her works, etc. in a thread in P&R.

From the fellow whose living room this is, up-thread:

I think the difference is that she still financially benefits from the Harry Potter universe doing well whereas Mr Lovecraft doesn’t. But it’s really a personal decision where you draw the line on what causes and what people and what products. Some amount of every dollar you spend is going to benefit people who do things with it that you find morally objectionable. I don’t think it’s possible to really have any idea how much so people fall back to the visible creator/owner of the thing being the decider. Which, is understandable, and I don’t begrudge anyone for the purchasing decisions they make based on that. Hell, if a MyPillow is the only thing that gets you comfortably through the night, buy it. Your purchase is supporting a whole lot of people that aren’t Mike Lindell. But for me, no thanks on that one. And if you still feel icky but also still want the product consider an offsetting donation to an organization that fights for the cause you agree with.

And that’s that from me, because yes, this should be a P&R discussion.

I guess it depends on what the deal she has with the publisher is. If she is getting a cut of every sale, sure that makes more sense.

I don’t think that matters in a big picture way. Even if she’s not getting a cut of every sale, every sale does contribute to her IP’s success and makes future lucrative deals more likely, further boosting her.

Personally, I don’t think this game is the hill to die on for or against Rowling, but we all have our limits.

Most of the early reviews so far sound very positive, just reading the summary paragraph from Open Critic.

Man, that PCGamer review-in-progress makes me want to pre-order the game.

I clicked the link from your quote just because you were impressed with the article and the .gif right at the top alone just about sold me on it - that looks like it’s going to be hard but fun, if that is the style of action they are going with.

Yep, just another reason to pass.

I thought of you when I saw some of the gameplay and did feel a bit bummed as I knew this wouldn’t be something you’d be able to enjoy - though maybe you can just set it down to easy mode and blow thorugh the story to enjoy exploring the games map and story? That might not be super worth the price of admission though. Maybe it will hit Game Pass at some point?

Can’t do the region nonsense on the PS5. I like th controller much better so I’m going to have to wait.

That other place is all about conformity and fear. It’s a really shitty environment there.

Yes, those folks might stand for the right things, but it comes off as a place of assholes. I don’t want to be around a ton of CM Punks, it’s unpleasant.

Thinking of picking it up for our xbox series x. My youngest has been begging mom about it the past couple days after she saw the launch trailer. It is pegi12 or pegi16 I guess so she might be out of luck. Anyone know what is in there that is inappropriate? It would be shitty to get it, and play it, but her not be allowed while knowing it is there, especially since older sibling would make the pegi12 cut.

From what’s been shown and talked about, there are no penalties for using dark arts and killing human enemies, so there’s that.

Pegi16… I don’t think there’s anything too bad in the game, but I also haven’t played it yet. :)

Just a reminder that we can absolutely talk about JK Rowlings’ politics here, but there are other places on the forum where the discussion will be less disruptive to the subject matter at hand, especially now that some of y’all are going to be actually playing the game instead of just talking about the game.

Note that I’m NOT trying to limit the conversation, but I am asking everyone to be respectful of the fact this is a thread about a new videogame, and not a place to hash out our opinions about an author’s politics. That’s an important and welcome discussion, but like many important and welcome discussions, it’s more appropriate in some places than others. So for the purposes of being considerate to others, now that the game is out, let’s try to focus this specific thread on the videogame itself.

So, I don’t remember seeing this in this thread, but reading some news feeds today, it would appear that this game has a trans female character in it. Which is obviously a creation of the WB team and not she-who-shall-not-be-named, but I do wonder how or if that effects how people feel about the game. Do you reward WB for putting a trans-female in the game, or still boycott it due to what’s-her-face’s opinions?

Apologies if this has been discussed already, but like I said, just saw the news stories about it, and found it interesting.

I think this has only been known since the game launched across the planet earlier today in early access.

And honestly, something like that isn’t going to move the needle much, I wouldn’t think. Although it is rather sad to see that there’s backlash for the character’s name (Sirona Ryan) as being some sort of cruel joke being played by the devs (“SIRona Ryan”, get it?). I think Sirona is a Celtic goddess of healing, which is probably why the devs may chosen that name for her/them, but…well…best laid plans and all that.