was an amazingly great kid’s movie. Just saw it with my 9-year-old daughter, who was a fan of the book, and we both liked it a lot. Definitely an “older” kids movie, though–a few scenes were a bit scary. For adults, Jon Voight, Sigourney Weaver, and Tim Blake Nelson all have great roles as the “villains” of the story. Voight in particular chews it up in an over-the-top-but-it’s-okay-cuz-it’s-a-kids-movie way.

The coolest thing to me was just how odd the story is. It’s kind of impossible to summarize, at least for my small brain. And I think it’s better anyway to go in not knowing much about it.

Weird that it was directed by Andrew “The Fugitive” Davis. And weirder too that this movie seemed to get like NO promotion. Cuz it’s the best kid’s film I’ve seen since Spirited Away.

Oh, also, though I’ve been loathe to self-promote, I guess I’m gonna do it anyway–though please understand that I’m aware that, in the grand scheme of human history, this rates a big Who Gives A Fuck. I have a blog. I’m doing my best to avoid talking about gaming, since that’s all I ever do. So if you really give a shit about, oh, what I had for lunch on any given day, check it out at: www. mediajunkie.com/jeffgreen/. It’s a work in progress–been at it about a month. Long way to go.

I disagree, I think it was a great movie for everyone and not just kids.
The plot does defy summation, though I still tried on my site, mainly cause it’s all out of order. But every single thing ties up really neatly in the end and I like that. Everything is linked together and everything ends nicely.
I loved the scene with Weaver chewing out the ‘Mom’ guy, you can see Voight in the background laughing his ass off.

Edit: I like the Blog, pretty funny/interesting. If it’s okay with you I’ll throw a link up next time I update.


You’re right, actually. I shouldn’t just pigeonhole it as a “kids movie.” It’s better than that, just like Spirited Away is. And it was about 100 times better than Identity, which I saw last week and was pretty disappointed by. The only people who shouldn’t see it are little kids.

And, sure–link to the blog. Today was the day I decided to let folks other than the 3 who knew about it check it out…


This movie probably works for kids but it didn’t for me. Stanley Yelnats… that’s funny for about 2 milliseconds but they harp on it again and again and again.

I agree that the performances were there and the writing was there too, but the plot was non-existent. They dig holes. They dig more holes. New kid gets hazed. They dig more holes. Lizards are scary. Adults are stupid and childish. They dig more holes. They find the whatever and we get some backstory. They dig more holes. Kid teaches other kid to read. They dig more holes. Kid gets in fight and runs off. Desert is scary. They dig more holes. Friend of Kid runs off in search of Kid. Desert is dry. The rest of them dig more holes. Friend of Kid finds Kid and they stay alive by eating some Backstory material. As more holes are dug and Stupid Adults abandon the runaways, Kid and FoK see more Backstory material and run to it, achieving some Revelations at the top. Bad Adults are punished, Stupid but good-hearted parents of FoK get rewarded in strange fashion.

The best thing about the movie was the title. Absolutely honest.

For me a movie needs more than acting and writing. Like… doing something interesting WITH that acting and writing for example.

The quality of the child acting in this film was VERY high. I’ll give it that.

That was a good plot summary, but you should have put a spoiler warning!

I saw it with my 5 year old a couple of weeks ago and I agree there are a couple of scary parts but nothing I would consider too offensive. I have not read the book, but the complicated plot does all come together at the end as you mentioned above.

Arquette, Weaver, Voight and Nelson make for a very, very strong supporting cast. Much better supporting cast than in many bigger budget movies.


Update: Scanned your blog, you dumbass Nancy boy who pees in his pants - feeling any younger?? :D At least its good to know you are not a sellout, you know you are getting old if you had done those interviews.

Wow. Brian, are you narcoleptic? Cause really I got no other explanation for you missing the flashbacks with the three other plots encased inside. All of which effect one another in some manner and the present greatly. With said effects being pleasantly subtle instead of having them screamed in our faces.


Like how the tiny mention of the onions making the yellow lizards docile in the beginning of the movie is never brought up again, even at the point where the plot point bears fruit. They COULD have screamed ‘REMEMBER THIS FROM THE BEGINNING???’ but they didn’t. Granting me an iota of intelligence betters the movie in my eyes.

Just saw this one at my local second-run theatre. I thought it was great. Good performances all around, even the child actors, and a very clever plot that twists together nicely. Why can’t more movies, both adult and children’s, be this good? Why can’t they at least find stories as good as this one? It boggles to think how many millions are spent each year to film dull, lifeless stories.