Holiday Must Have DVDs

Pirates of the Carribbean is at the top of my list. May also get Two Towers and T2: Extreme Edition, and Family Guy Vol 1, finally.

Suggestions? What are you looking forward to getting/buying yourself?

Pirates and X2.

maybe Pirates, haven’t picked up the Indy DVD set yet either.

Pirates. That’s about it, probably. Don’t buy many Hollywood films on DVD.

Winged Migration.
I’m not kidding. It’s amazing.

Two Towers
Winged Migration
Looney Tunes Golden Collection
King of the Hill Season 2

To Live and Die in L.A.

Uh, that’s about it.

Ben Stiller Show
Tenacious D: The Complete Master Works
X2: X-Men United
Valley Girl: Special Edition

X2, Seabiscuit, 5th season of Sex and the City (my wife–yeah, blame it on the wife!–got me hooked on this show, and Christine Davis is a hottie), and the Indiana Jones set.

Buffy Season 5
Firefly: Complete series
Upright Citizen’s Brigade Season 1

Best Buy is advertizing some nifty stuff for like $7.99
Gross Pointe Blank
Ferris Bueller
Requiem for a Dream
South Park: BLU

Firefly, Buffy, and that Alien Quadrilogy thing.

Two Towers Extended
Aliens Quadrilogy
Looney Tunes Golden Collection
Indy Box
Escape from New York Special Edition

Good holiday season for movie fans.


Guys, seriously, Winged Migration.

(They used zoom lenses, small cameras affixed to birds, and remote planes with cameras to follow flocks of birds as they migrate all over the world. It’s stunning.)

There’s a Monty Python joke in there somewhere…

Working in a large national video store chain as much as I do, I get to see the trailer, at minimum, seven thousand times in the course of an hour.

Even after all that, I still find myself pausing to listen to the music from the trailer, which is exceptional. That and the visuals keep tempting me with at least a rental of it.

Except usually at that point, one of my teenage CSRs has done something incredibly silly, at which point I spend the rest of the night fixing the mistake and forget to check the movie out when it comes to closing time.

I’ve never even heard of this movie, is there a trailer online somewhere?

It’s a documentary so it had a limited run.

It’s by the guy who made Microcosmos. Which is also fantastic (though not on DVD). Microcosmos is that doc that looks at insects from a bug’s perspective. Meaning, they used special lenses and cameras to film the bugs as if they were Elephant sized.

Winged Migration is defiitely on my list. I’m curious to see if my cat Grendel likes it (he watches TV with me). Also:

Two Towers EE
Indy Trilogy (though really, I’d almost rather just buy Raiders, if they offered them seperately)
FLCL (lots of cool bonus material)
X-Men 2
Horatio Hornblower (complete set)

What’s FLCL?

aka Fooly Cooly, or Furi Kuri, or whatever. One of the so-called “inferior”* anime shows.

[size=2]* called by me, that is. on account of not being Utena[/size]