Holiday Sale Damage Thread

Might as well start now, since several sites have already launched their sales, and Steam kicks off on the 21st.

I have $30 burning a hole in my Steam wallet, so I’m going to wait and see what that buys me before looking elsewhere.

Most of the stuff on my wish list is still Early Access, which I’m trying to wean myself off of, so I may get away relatively unscathed.

I’ve got 1.45 Steambucks and I’m not afraid to use them.

Already in for Fire Pro Wrestling World and Sword Coast Legends on Steam and the sale hasn’t even started yet…

I got Sword Coast Legends as well.

I have 4 games that I would like to get, Titan Quest Ragnarok Dominions 5 Age of Wonders 3 Complete and Grim Dawn - Complete

Since I have a huge backlog and I don’t see myself spending more than 30 dollars, so I will likely grab only Titan Quest Ragnarok if it goes on sale (and the humble monthly with Dawn of War 3 and Quantum break), and maybe one other game. My rule of thumb is that I going purchase a game at the absolute lowest price. For Age of Wonders 3 complete, that’s 11.50. For Dominions, that would be 30.00. For Ragnarok, 15 dollars and for Grim Dawn, well, I don’t know about that one, but I’m a completionist, so I probably won’t snap that up until all the DLCs are on sale as well.

Grabbed Age of Wonders 3 Complete, thanks to wingamestore running their very good Thanksgiving offer again, and Panzer General 2 on GOG because I put too much trust in opinions of podcast I shouldn’t listen to!

I blew most of my gaming bucks during the thanksgiving sales, but I think I’ve got enough to grab the War for the Overworld expansions tomorrow.

I’ve already blown my monthly budget, so while I’m gonna try to buy nothing…some sought-after DLC might find it’s way to me if it’s cheap enough.

Amazingly so far I’ve only bought:

Watch_Dogs 2 Gold Edition @ $48 CAD
Everybody’s Golf PS4 @ $25 CAD

I will mostly be exploiting the card game to achieve a hexagonal level indicator. Phase 2 of the plan is the systematic heaping of scorn on any circular oafs I encounter because I will be better than them. And they’ll know it.

Got Fire Pro World myself, and I guess Heart of Crown counts (and it’s really good- Tom would like it even if it does have waifus!)

So far I have purchased:
Caravan $2.49
Blackguards 2 $2.99
Tempest with its DLC and soundtrack for $9.27
Torchlight II $3.99

I won’t mention the games I got free.

I already bought a Nintendo Switch including Mario Karts, Odyssey and Zelda. So I’m pretty good for this month. But if Bomber Crew gets a sale (which I do not expect, so soon after release), I might bite anyway.

Hang on - the Steam sale started and no-one commented? Did I miss a thread?

We were waiting on you. Any good sales?

same prices as a month ago…no reason to get excited

Yeah, looks pretty average. Prey at $20, Death of the Outsider $15. A few things on my wishlist at 33% (theHunter) or 40% (Infra) off.

From a quick skim of my wishlist… River City Ransom Underground I believe dropped from $10 to $7 and some of the Neptunia games are at/new historic lows.

Siege of Dragonspear (Baldur’s Gate expansion) is a new 66% off. Any opinions?

BG1 & BG2 are also on GOG Connect now.

Added today:

Steamworld Dig 2 $14.29 CAD
Okami HD $24.99 (no sale price)
RiME $23.99 CAD

My guess is whatever I do get during the sale, one game will be the headliner of the February humble monthly reveal. Because thats how it works!