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E-Cuerpos has been proudly serving the South American market since its foundation in 1994. Through e-Cuerpos you can order human bodies and limbs from anywhere. E-Cuerpos guarantees 100% of satisfaction in all its products and services.

e-Cuerpos. Providing Bodies. Providing knowledge.

[b]“A very good job, e-Cuerpos. I’m prouded about our partnership.”

Søren Jillgaardesman
pioneer in cryogenesis nanotechnology [/b]

Product spotlight: (not work-safe image)
Price: $ 198.679.00

Description This is a whole person, frozen or preserved with care. We promise all limbs and vital anatomic structures are intact but cannot be held responsible for “natural” anatomic variability. For specific gender/age, please contact our sales force.

General information
Dimensions: 1,74
Guarantee: 24 (months)
Color: White
Origin: Asia
Vintage: 1973

Comments Joannes21: This is the real thing. No joke, no disappointment!

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