Holiday Travel: New York, Berlin and Beyond!

This year, we won’t be home on either of the major holidays.

We’ll be gone all of Thanksgiving week, helping chaperone the Homestead High School Marching Band at the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade. My younger daughter, Emily, is in the Color Guard.

Then, on December 16th, we fly off to Berlin to spend the holidays with my older daughter, Elizabeth.

We’ll be in Berlin part of the time, and will also visit Nuremburg. I actually lived in Bamberg and Schwabach two separate times as a kid, near Nuremburg.

Anyone have any advice on overseas holiday travel? We’ve already got tickets ordered, but it will be winter in Germany, so I’m a little concerned about the travel situation.

Have you flown in/out of the US within the past few years? And what I mean by that is, are you familiar with the baggage reclaim and recheck situation coming into the US, and did you leave ample time to go through all that if you have a connecting flight?

By the travel situation, you mean weather delays? Be aware of your other travel options - trains, buses, even a taxi, or alternate airports you could fly in/out of. Don’t spend hours researching alternate routes, but have in mind what train line or bus route you might take to get somewhere.

And for the holidays, be aware of local customs for when businesses are opened or closed. Just plan for the unexpected, like every other trip.