Hollow Knight - convince me to keep playing


I was going through this thread thinking I knew exactly what you were talking about and then I realized you weren’t talking about Shovel Knight. I didn’t realize we had two different blank knight games.


Yeah, I used to think the same thing. It was posts in the “What will you play this weekend” thread that set me straight on it, and I realized that they were two different games.


Both excellent games. I prefer Hollow’s Metroidvania structure over Shovel’s linear level collection, but that’s definitely a matter of taste. Both feature some amazing level design. I find Hollow less frustrating, which I think is the main reason I like it.

I just hit 100% completion on Hollow Knight, although there’s definitely more to do. I have all but one charm, and all the mask and soul upgrades. I think I’m about to hit the final boss for the second time.


Waypoint’s has a great feature on how in a year full of Soulslikes Hollow Knight stands out against other seemingly similar games.


I just started playing this, why didn’t someone tell me it was so good, you jerks! ;)


Picked this up tonight more or less on a whim, and I feel pretty well sucked in after an hour of play. I love the art style, and it’s really nailing the lonely and desolate vibe of the Souls series for me.

I do tend to suck at platformers, though; so we’ll see how long I stick with it.


I really love this game, but I keep getting frustrated with moments of not knowing where to go next. I’ve had to look up several times something I’m missing after roaming the levels looking for where to go. Does this get better later? I’m up to the Mantis dudes near the Fungal Wastes.


The platforming isn’t too bad except one optional challenge area.

Sense of direction is the same throughout. Take a peek at a walkthrough if you don’t have the patience for it like me. It didn’t bother my experience at all.

Fungal Wastes tip: you can super jump off the bouncy mushrooms. But I’m pretty sure you’re already past that.


My experience was more that I usually knew several places I could go, but didn’t always know which was the best next step. That’s easier to deal with than being stuck, because you can at least go see if you feel outclassed in each area and pursue the one that feels easiest. When you looked stuff up, what kinds of things were you missing? Wall-climbing areas?


I’m really enjoying it but fearing the next boss. I look at walkthroughs to see which general area I should head to next and where the next bench is. I did the same in the souls games to find the next bonfire. I’m not as hardcore as you guys but it is at a difficulty level I find enjoyable.


Boy, I have just fallen head over heels for this thing. The difficulty level has hit a perfect sweet spot for me so far, the soundtrack is incredible, it’s flat out gorgeous to look at, and the world design is outstanding. I meant to play for just a few minutes this morning, and it’s sucked up pretty much my entire day.


Yeah I need to get back to this, tiny trains taking up all my free time.


This is the thing I was most pleasantly surprised by. I’m used to some dark, moody platformers being just brutal. (I’m looking at you, Rain World.) Hollow Knight is consistently challenging, but I always come out the other side.


Er, eleborate? 😀



This thread!


So I think Soul Master might be the point where I put this game down for good. I’m having enough trouble with the boss itself, but the run up to it is just infuriating. Why not just let me spawn near the boss? Even when the run itself doesn’t pose much of a challenge, it’s basically a minute-plus loading screen before a maybe twenty second attempt and I have to do it all over again.

I love the Souls series and many of the games inspired by it, but that is one aspect that I absolutely fucking hate.


I’ve tried to play this game three times now but I’ve bounced off it every time. I really enjoy Metroidvanias but there is something about the art style/atmosphere of this one that instantly puts me off. Everything is so monochromatic and drab. The character dialogue seems constantly… vague. I dunno, it’s just not doing it for me. Maybe I need to go for a fourth attempt :D


Exactly why I like it so much. There are different zones as you progress , and they have more color. ;)


Yeah, I will say that I think some of your complaints are pluses for me. The different areas in the game all have different color schemes. Yeah, they’re all dark and moody, but some can still be colorful. But they’re definitely all very unique and fitting to the premise of the location. And I can see how the dialogue is vague, but what it results in is a game that’s painted like a watercolor wash, not a sharp neoclassical portrait. It doesn’t tell a story as much as paints a place and a mood. I can definitely see that that’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I think if nothing else it’s very deliberate and well-executed for what it’s trying to do.


The times when they had benches far away from bosses just made me bonkers because I think it’s such an easy problem to solve. I hated working my way up to Soul Master as well. And it took me at least half a dozen tries with him–he’s tough. But I recall the fights themselves also being quite a bit of fun (unlike one of the bosses in the mines). There’s so much great stuff in that game, though, it would be a shame to quit now!

I, on the other hand, have no idea how to beat the final boss, so that’s where I’ve left the game.