Hollow Knight - convince me to keep playing

Don’t feel bad. Glad to see more people enjoying such a great game!

I like reading your updates!

I’ve been tempted to get it on PC and play it again.

Nah, don’t feel bad. Your posting in this thread is just keeping me pumped for the sequel.

One thing the game does over and over again is to trap you in new places. So you’re off exploring this new space, and you jump over things, and you jump down into things, and you can already tell, oh crap, it’s going to be hard to get back out that way. And sometimes you even find a bench in the new space before you reach a dead end, so then you’re really trapped. You really do have to somehow get back the way you came in, or keep dying and respawning at the new bench you found.

I’m still a bit weirded out that the game is so harsh on the player all the freaking time. Oh, don’t have enough places to spend money? Here’s a bank, you can totally store your money here and come back for it, we promise!

Hey, what happened to the banker? Where the heck is my money?

It’s often said about the Souls games that when you die, you feel like it’s your fault as a player, not the game’s fault. So if you get better, it wouldn’t have happened. With Hollow Knight it seems like the developers said, what if we turn that on its head? What if we kill the player repeatedly and make it feel like it’s our fault and not the player’s? And you know what, yes, it feels so unfair compared to the Souls games, but it’s also weirdly addictive. Maybe even more so than the Souls method. The sense of unfairness kind of acts as an incentive to keep you coming back for more.

Keep playing… There’s more to this.

Don’t! It’s got me hyped to put this on my list to play next.

So, this is interesting, the progression on these enemies. How did the game take these enemies that seemed almost insanely hard and made them trivial? By allowing the player to upgrade their weapon. I went to the crystal area after upgrading my weapon twice, and now, instead of 6 hits, they die with only two hits, and suddenly they are almost trivial to defeat, because I can hit them and kill them before they become a super-threat. So what seemed like a LOLWUT? enemy is now an easy enemy.

By the way, I guess I found the equivalent of a wishing well where you can just throw your money away.

I suppose this might be the type of game where giving away your money might earn you good things later, so who knows?

Of course, this wishing well is so hard to get to, the chances I’ll have any money left when I get there are incredibly low!

Got the Respect achievement. That’s right. You’d better respect this mofo. Hell yeah.

Nice, that’s a fun fight.

The challenge I started doing last night (but didn’t finish) involves fighting a guy who manifests rings that appear in the air, and the slam into the ground. So there’s empty “slots” in the air, I have to make it to an empty slot before the rings slam down. I was starting to get the hang of it, but as always with Hollow Knight, you have absolutely no idea how close you ever get to victory. As the fight keeps going on and on and on and on and on and on, the number of empty slots when the rings manifest keeps getting smaller. In the part where I usually die, I can’t get to an empty slot in time.

It’s a fun fight, but as always with this game, it just feels so unfair. The mind of a true sadist game designer. It reminds me of that no-clip documentary someone posted in the Death’s Door thread about the making of that game, and how they had to keep finding fresh people to play the game to play-test it, to make sure at each stage that they weren’t make the fights too hard. I’m not sure if Hollow Knight ever went through that kind of testing. :-) Or if it did, they did the opposite thing, where they said, “no, it’s still too easy, this person is getting through this fight in only 10 attempts, make it even longer! But that will… I said LONGER!”

I got past the Ring dropper guy and I beat the Broken vessel guy on the second try. But now I was climbing a tower and ran into two rolling enemies. Damn it. It would be much easier if there wasn’t two of them.

It’s interesting how this game just kind of keeps you teetering on the edge of frustration. Never giving you enough to feel pleasure or satisfaction, always pleasure tinged with frustration.

Ever been married?

Ouch, that’s a hard fight.

I forgot about the sequel to this game. I wasn’t that interested but now I think I’m ready for more Hollow Knight. I’m sure Salt and Sacrifice will be better though, hah!

They sure are taking the time with the sequel. It was announced in February 2019. Let’s hope that means they are perfecting it.

At this point I’ve watched that Silksong trailer an embarrassing number of times

No kidding. I’ve been occasionally returning to the game to attempt this fight, but man, it’s tough. Maybe even too tough for me. It stopped me in my tracks!

I suspect that if I want to make progress in the game again, I should reset and find somewhere else to go in the game, not to this fight.

Experimenting to find the right charms, and maxxing the available nail upgrades and charm slots usually got me through most road blocks.