Hollow Knight - convince me to keep playing


Then go west past that monster


I think I did that and it led back to the guy who gave me the new ability. Since then I’ve been roaming around everywhere. I probably missed something obvious to most people. I can go back there and look again.


You will find other areas to the west and south of that boss you beat so just keep looking!


Or if you just want to know where to go:


When you drop to the area from the village, go left. There’s a tall room (like five screens high). There are three exits to the left. Take the middle one.


Thanks for the hints and answer. I don’t know how I missed it. I had been over there before. On a positive note I made good progress on the next level.


Having some trouble with The Hornet, but at least my run back is close and she is pretty fun to fight.


Wow, Dave Long is a cheater. Who knew.


Arggg, I hate the bouncy mushrooms. I can’t find any rhyme or reason as to why I can sometimes bounce high and sometimes I can’t. I’ve tried all sorts of timing my jumps.

Otherwise, the game is getting better and better now that I have my dash and more charms and slots. Found the map to the fungal wastes. Also found Queen’s Station but I’m going to finish exploring the wastes.


Push down when you attack them.


Thanks. Sometimes I am so oblivious.


Also note that those mushrooms aren’t the only thing you can bounce off of…


Those two armored guys who roll critters at you while lobbing bombs are tough.


Just worry about hitting the ones that roll at you and then use Vengeful Spirit.


Thanks. I also didn’t put it together that I should stand next to one to keep him closed. Sometimes I overlook obvious things :-)


I really like how when you use the heal ability, you really need to commit to it. It takes some time and you can’t cancel out of it immediately.

While I like this game more and more as I play, I think I prefer Ori and the Blind Forest.



Nonsense about preferring Ori and the Blind Forest or liking the heal mechanism?

Even though I prefer Ori I still like Hollow Knight.




Wow, you like this game more than Ori Chappers? That’s really high praise.

Hollow Knight has been announced for Xbox for a Spring 2019 release, that’s the release I’m waiting for.


What didn’t you like about Ori, or did you like it and just love Hollow Knight?