Hollywood running out of ideas? I say "No!"


I haven’t even bothered looking at the trailer yet. My first reaction to seeing the mini-poster up on www.apple.com/trailers was “Oh for fuck’s sake!”

I guess the only reason I should be surprised is that Hollywood hasn’t made the movie earlier.
edit: I guess it’s not fair to blame all of Hollywood, since they also made The Machinist which looks really interesting

The Machinist does look pretty interesting, to say the least. But my god if Christian Bale didnt completely fuck himself up to make that movie.

He starved himself down from 185 to 120 for the role, apparently. He said playing the part was easy at that point because he just felt weak and listless all the time anyway.

I really liked Fat Albert when I was a kid.

The Machinist is interesting, but it’s no Session 9. The script from the fellow who wrote the Bruckheimer Texas Chainsaw Massacre is pretty sloppy.

Also, it’s not really Hollywood. Brad Anderson was only able to shoot it with Spanish financing. It was even shot in Barcelona. For all intents and purposes, it’s an English language Spanish film!


Hollywood is in the business of selling tickets. If audiences stopped flocking to see crappy movies the moment they are released, then Hollywood might actually stop making so many crappy movies. Until then they have no incentive to alter their behavior.

But anyway, Sturgeon’s Law says 95% of everything is crap, so there’s probably no hope. Probably more than 5% of Hollywood movies are decent already, so the movie industry may already be bucking Sturgeon’s Law. The glass is half full!

Man. Christian Bale was hot stuff, looks horrible in the Machinist :(

I really hated Fat Albert when I was a donut.

I really hated Fat Albert when I was a donut.[/quote]

Did you enjoy your time in Berlin?

What’s scary is the sheer willpower it must have taken Bale to starve himself to that extent. That or drugs.

He’s a donut! He’s a fucking donut! Fucking donut, a fucking donut, a fucking donut. He’s a fucking donut.


Heroine or cocaine both do the trick.

Hey Hey Hey - jesus…how could they make this a movie :(

What’s crazier is they took the “Brady Bunch Movie” approach. They’re post modern and self aware…

I like how all their clothing is all technicolor and cartoon-like. I mean, from watching the cartoon, it seemed obvious that Albert was supposed to be wearing jeans. But no! They have to match the cartoon colors precisely, which means that he now looks like some guy wearing a cheap Fat Albert Halloween costume.

bill cosby has writing credits on it. so, maybe it won’t be that bad.

Leonard Part 6.

Leonard Part 6.[/quote]

Ghost Dad.


Leonard Part 6.[/quote]

Ghost Dad.[/quote]
Jello Pudding

Leonard Part 6.[/quote]

Ghost Dad.[/quote]
Jello Pudding[/quote]
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