Holy App Books

Top 15 book apps in the app store:
At 4th place, King James Version at 99 cents.
At fifth place, for 5.99 is the NIV translation.
Rounding out at 14.99 is the LDS Scriptures App


Contrast: Top 100 sellers in Kindle Includes free books. None of the 100 are bibles, but there’s some that look new ageish.

That’s weird about the LDS app as there is a free one available as well… there is a really great Koran app on there as well.

I haven’t found a ___Gita app that i like yet though.

Dan Brown
The Holocaust
Thomas Kincade
The Children’s Crusade
Blood Libel
Michael Bay
Cop Rock
Female Circumcision
Beauty Pageants for Toddlers
Huffing Gasoline
Supporting the Khmer Rouge
“I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant.”

If only Eli had his book on his iPod, there wouldn’t have been all that killing.

Ha, that gave me a nice chuckle.