Holy cats it's SECRET SANTA 2017 (11th ANNUAL)


That’s a tiny dish washer, man.


I got my package!


This is some fine advice! 😁


Package arrived - tucked away out of sight for a few days :).


Mine arrived but I accidentally peeked as it came with some other Amazon boxes. I closed it as soon as I realized and will act surprised during opening nonetheless!


Oh hey cool I see I have a new item in my steam inventory!



Package has arrived for me here!


Deadline to mail (domestic) is this Friday. Some of us maybe are procrastinating jerks and have waited until that last minute.

Like me. I’m sorry Santee. I’m sorry. I hope to get it out tomorrow. If this was a college paper back in the day, a full day early before deadline would have earned me so much respect.


So I’m thinking my Santa fell off the wagon?


Still 2 days to ship!


Dear @kristina,

Your Secret Santa reports that your package will be posted today.



Dear @Galadin,

Your Secret Santa would like you to verify that you received your package and it’s indoors somewhere safe. Tracking shows the package as delivered. Also, the stuff inside is gift-wrapped so you can bust that sucker open.



Dear @AquaMafia,

Your Secret Santa wishes you to know that Part 2 of your gift has been dispatched.



Dear @ChristienMurawski,

Your Secret Santa would like you to know that your gift is on its way.



Package arrived safe and sound, tucked under tree for the long wait.


Dear @Ex-SWoo,

Your Santa wants you to know that your packages have been sent. The contents are wrapped, so feel free to get the goods out of the box and under the tree.



Wooooh!! So excited :D Thanks!


Gift received! I didn’t open the shipping box as it has “VESPER” on it.


I think my Secret Santa got lost! Nothing yet.


Got my packages! Two packages in fact. So excited! QT3 literally gives me better gifts than my family.

In other words, my wife saw my gift purchases on Amazon today and of course they are very geeky things I gleaned from post history. She’s asking me what they are and I’m going … Man, I have no idea. Oh wait, those are my Secret Santa gifts!