Holy cats it's SECRET SANTA 2017 (11th ANNUAL)


That is awesome! Incredible gift and picture!


Should wear a sign that says neighborhood watch and walk around the block with your sword.



Or brute squad.

Can’t tell you how happy that pic makes me @claybob thanks for sharing!


Might want to hold off on thanking me until I post tomorrow’s pic ;)


Challenge accepted.


The lighting certainly articulated the time my face lost a fight with a steering column! I hope this doesn’t mean I am morphing into Marty Feldman as I age.


If I were a Roman legionnaire standing before 20,000 of you, Claybob, I would certainly break ranks and shame the glorious Empire. These Gaulish men are too mighty for us!

I mean that in the most complimentary way possible!


Dude, my reaction when I first saw the picture was “GAAAH! Thats me?!”



They may take our dignity but they’ll never take our freeeeeeedom :)

Thanks for the laughs!


Look what was lying around in my mailbox when I came home last night!!

Inside was this great little comic book:

I started flipping around in it and some more stuff fell out!

Wow - thank you SO much @tomchick !!
I’ve been nosing around Agents of Mayhem and have been really curious about it, so this was just great! Also read your review , so let’s just say the game is installing as we speak. Can’t wait to try it :)
Also, thanks for mentioning OXENFREE, the name rang a bell so I checked it - seems I bought this to my iPhone a long time ago but never downloaded it due to space, but I can now! Thanks for reminding me :D
I actually have HZD but haven’t got around to play it yet, so someone else will get the pleasure of this one :)

This was really a great gift, much appreciated! I’ve been looking through Cat all morning and I love it. Also, it was kind of nice to get a Christmas gift a month later :)

Again - thank you so much!


I am so relieved it finally arrived. I was convinced it had fallen into the Trump-inflicted rift opened between the United States and the rest of the world. Merry belated Christmas!

Nooooo! I went carefully through your posts to see if you had Horizon Zero Dawn, and I was astonished it’s not one of the games you’ve talked about. Anyway, I’m happy to have it passed along to someone who might appreciate it, or feel free to trade it in if you can. I look forward to reading your thoughts when you get around to trying it, because I suspect it’s a game you’ll really like.



Very nice, the hand written notes from Tom make it extra special imho. :)

Shipping to Norway is expensive. D:


In the note with the Horizon Zero Dawn disc, I explicitly instructed her to ignore Tom Chick’s review.



Haven’t read it!! :) And loved the little notes. I think I’ll give HZD to my sister as I’m pretty sure she’ll love it too (but I’ll have to keep the case with the note).
I just have to finish any other open world game that is taking up space to install it, which has been the problem ever since I got it. I’m really bad at finishing games. At least the open world ones.


Thanking my still unknown Santa once again, it was finally a nice enough day to fly my Mavic. I spent an hour updating firmware and then tooled around the neighborhood a bit to make sure everything was intact from winter storage. I then put on the new quiet blades and extended landing gear Santa sent, double wins!!!

Thanks again!


You’re welcome. Again. :)


Ah heck, I forgot you had decloaked! It’s been a loooong January! =P


Ok, I’m finally back home smelling only vaguely of penguins (they get everywhere). As it’s technically still Christmas in some parallel dimension, hopefully the postal system can be persuaded to work again.

Also, @Janster - did you receive / open your gifts? I can’t seem to find a post, and after all the DHL drama I hope I didn’t miss it.