Holy cats it's SECRET SANTA 2017 (11th ANNUAL)


My secret Santee talked about [REDACTED] in their notes, so I’m going to [REDACTED] their [REDACTED] for [REDACTED].


My Secret Santee is a veritable enigma and will be a challenge after my attempt to lower expectations further upthread.


Same here.


If my santa wants easy ideas, I’ll be working on updating my Amazon & Steam lists. But I encourage the stalking method if you are up to the challenge!


Oh, same, I guess. My current Amazon list is a mess because I’m human garbage…


It looks like pairings have been sent?

I checked and double-checked my email as well as spam folder and I can’t find the message. Anyone else?


Hm. I have some ideas.


I was dissatisfied with the gift I sent last year so I have been on the lookout for good gifts all year. And I found what I consider to be a great gift - it’s already in-house and so I’m mostly set. I will probably buy something else to go with it though, just for giggles.

@Hiredgoons, I suggest you shoot @fire a PM if you don’t see your email. She is super responsive and I’m sure will clear things up.


BAH, just get ripped and go to the Dollar store. It’ll turn out grand!


Thanks for the ping! We are working things out now.




Secret Sant-ee, you are in for a treat. Gifts ordered and will be directed your way very early.

Also, to my secret Santa, I neglected to copy Fire on a Steam or Amazon wishlist. It’s been a while since I did QT3 secret Santa, so I’m rusty. If a wishlist would help you at all, please relay the request through her and I would be happy to oblige. No stalking needed.


Dear @claybob,

Your Santa would like to inform you that you should expect a 10-pound package in a guitar-sized box. It’s your Secret Santa gift and it’s coming very soon, so please don’t open it!



Omg the pressure is rising!


OMG!OMG!OMG!.. wait. That thing which isn’t the evidence I didn’t bury deeply enough is going to be in the house with me unopened for over a month?!
/Minnesotaaccent “Oh, jeeez. Ya’ know, maybe I should reconsider my reluctance to provide a wish list in the future”…naaaaah.


I’m learning a lot about shipping this year!


(Talking to you while not looking directly at you, but at an angle of at least 45 degrees from direct stare.)

Fer sure, ya shoulda thought that through, ya. Okay then.

EDIT: Claybob I did not draw your name, just teasing you. I didn’t provide a list either. :(


Talking through his nose while moving his jaw as little possible: “Ya would say that, ya know.”


Hey @fire, are these dates reversed?


I may not make those ship dates if I procrastinate at this rate…