Holy Crap - A Genetic Supertoddler

Is anyone else finding the irony that this is a German toddler doing this?


Does Bill Gates have children? The next logical story would involve the death of Mr. and Mrs. Gates and their tormented son finding out there’s a cave beneath the house.

When does a 500 lb supertoddler go to bed?

Whenever he damn well pleases.

Wouldn’t it only be irony if the kid was jewish?

No, it would be irony if it rains on his wedding day.

He’s the ubermensch!

But will he use his power for good…or EVIL???

Or for awesome?

Let’s see how tough he is against the Sentinels.

I wonder if Patrick Stewart has a shot at custody?

I remember reading a few months ago about a book concerning people (athletes) who were capable of superhuman feats. It profiled a free diver, a mountain climber guy who if I remember correctly was able to climb Everest without oxygen or something, a swimmer who could withstand arctic waters for long periods of time. It seemed like a fascinating read, but I never got around to it and have forgotten the name. Anyone know what I’m talking about?

They walk among us. Vote “Yes” on the Mutant Registration Act!

So when will Rocky Balboa defend his title against uberchild?

Ja, now we will crush you American schweinehunds! You will pay dearly for our humiliation! BJ Blaskowitz will not be able to save you a second time!!