Holy crap, Andrew Breitbart dies!

Only 43, let the rampant speculation begin.

Andrew Breitbart fakes own death to make the Left say mean things about him and look like assholes!

Well, he exposed that shit-for-brains Weiner and provided the laugh of the year with that press conference they shared. So he’ll always have that in his favor.

My bet is on “Heart Attack”.

I was gonna guess “stabbed by gay hustler”, but heart attack is more likely, sure.

Leaves four kids, I’m guessing pretty young based on his age. Always sad.

A horrible human being has died, hopefully his family is OK. Sad for them.

In case you’ve forgotten: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrew_Breitbart#Controversies



It says volumes about his legacy that the very first thing I assumed when I heard the news is that he faked his own death.

Ah yes, the guy who manufactured the Shirley Sherrod “controversy.” I guess he was too busy fighting the imminent Commie takeover to get his blood lipid profile checked once in a while. Jeez, 43. That’s nuts.

Agreed. Probably a massive adrenaline induced coronary.

I thought he meant heart attack as in “heart attack” as in cocaine overdose.

I guess he has young kids, so that’s too bad…but he’s also rumored to be an alcoholic, and he certainly displayed signs of having a rage problem: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILZQSmE5Uu0

Also, I can’t forget the torrent of abuse he unleashed when Ted Kennedy died, calling him “human excrement” and other choice imprecations.

Man, he is an old looking 43 in that video.

The world is now a better place. Of course the void will quickly be filled, so the improvement is temporary at best.

And then he’ll vote in the fall and prove there’s voter fraud.

The death of a controversial public figure really brings out the worst in people.

Fair disclosure: I don’t like or support AB, for reasons I don’t feel called upon to discuss on the date of his death.

But grave-dancing because you hated someone’s politics – someone 43 (a creepy 8 months older than me) with a wife and four young kids – is regrettable.

Also regrettable – the many AB fans using this as an opportunity to (1) use “go smash the Left in his memory” rhetoric, or (2) repeat nasty comments from AB critics for the purpose of discrediting “the Left.”

Just sad and disheartening all around.

Ken: are we supposed to pretend that he wasn’t a scumbag who made the world worse off by his actions?

It’s not grave dancing to calmly state the world is a better place when a person as devoid of morals and intellectual integrity as AB repeatedly demonstrated, and used his business to actively seek real harm to others if their politics didn’t align with his, shuffles off the mortal coil. To me it’s a cold fact. I feel for his children, but they’ll probably attend better colleges than mine ever will because of the money their father made playing his role in helping to poison today’s political climate and to keep it nice and toxic. And if he and his political faction have their way, America will be such a miserable plutocracy that I might not be able to afford to send my children to college.

So, yeah, the more I think about it, the world definitely is a better place. These people seek, whether indirectly or not, to do real harm to me and mine. So fuck them.

Good riddance.