Holy crap - escape from the uncanny valley?

Check out the video on this page. Pretty amazing. It’s still a little off - mostly in the blinking (CGI “humans” never blink as fast as real ones do), but it’s otherwise pretty incredible.

This could do wonders for the porn industry.

If they could afford it. It’s so much cheaper to hire some college student and her loser boyfriend to have sex on camera for a couple of thousand dollars.

I thought the blinking was fine the one thing I noticed right off the bat were that the teeth were not right. They just can’t get the teeth looking right.

Oh yeah and if you watch the making of you can see that the blinking is dead on.


It’d be more interesting if they did a different face on her face.

I think that her smile really puts me off. It reminds me of Alyx Vance’s smile in Half Life 2 and how unreal it looks. It’s like not all the facial muscles are properly aligned.

Cool CGI stuff aside, Emily is hot.

At the end of each paragraph her mouth seems to sag downward on the left side. It might be what the real person’s face does, but it looks weird and unreal (not Unreal).

Cool but still uncanny.

Getting closer though. Were I not immediately suspicious that this was a CGI creation, it may take me a minute to figure out that it wasn’t real. The mouth is still wrong.

I thought it was pretty fabulous. Oblivion with this would have been more convincing. But then some other aspect would just pop up as uncanny valley again.

Okay after watching the vid and the “making of” which had voice sound so low I couldn’t hear it, I’m guessing what I saw in the first video was just a face of Emily.

So the body, clothing, hair, movements of the body and voice were all the real Emily right? While yes the face is amazing, it wasn’t perfect and still, without all of the rest of that, there is still a lot to code in. And a lot that might get missed in the details.

The thing that struck me most was that her makeup was all wrong. She looked blurry, no detail in the face. Still, cool stuff. Imagine what they will do with movie CG in 10 years.

I wasn’t put off by it, but I thought they had really laid the foundation thick on the actress because her skin was unnaturally smooth.

Uncanny valley breached for me.

I’d like to see a demo of their tech done by a 3rd party.

So yeah it was just the face which is cool I guess but still not all that amazing.


Animation is getting better, but last I checked, the main problem was still the subsurface scattering of light on the skin. There’s also the problem of making things look good on consumer-grade hardware, if you want to do things in real-time. I mean, sure, you could pre-render everything, but animators have been doing that for a while now.

  • Alan