Holy grail of contact/organisation applications?

I’m getting increasingly frustrated by my inability to get my contacts (phone numbers, emails, addresses etc) organised and more importantly delivered to my various ways of accessing them - ie. via PC, Palm or mobile phone (even HTTP would be good sometimes).

The software I’m dreaming of has the features of say the old Borland Sidekick, with the ability to

  • export to HTML/XML
  • export to my mobile phone (Sony K750i)
  • export to my Palm
  • sync across multiple PC’s (ie. home and work)

The obvious lowest common denominator is Outlook (for at least some of the features) but it’s not my mail client of choice.

Anyone have any ideas?



You might want to check out Hiveminder. I don’t think they have palm support yet, because it’s a very new project, but they’re working on it. The people who make this also make the open source task/request tracking system used by NASA and perl.org and all kinds of other places. I know this isn’t useful to you as it is, but expect it to be in the future ;-)