Holy guacamole does Bose sound nice!

So I ended up with some Bose 901 VI speakers that my grandmother doesn’t want anymore, and damn do they sound amazing. I had some decent Sony speakers before that I thought were nice, but this is just amazingly better. even off just a stereo setup the sound is so rich and dynamic.

Can’t wait for my Fender replica guitar to show up and blow the doors off with some Rock Band! :)

Just as I was wondering if we were really going to do this again, it sunk in that your speakers were free, or so I assume. This is the correct price for Bose speakers, so perhaps we won’t bitch you out.

And this reminds me of the pair of Bang & Olufsen speakers that I sold at yard sale a few years ago. I am sad.

I have a pair of Bose speakers in a box in my closet. I’ve been dragging them around for years on the theory that someday I might buy a surround receiver, and it will save me a few bucks on speakers if I already have some spares. But they’re the second-stringers behind the Polk Audio pair sitting on either side of my TV.

Well…I think they sound great, and are definately a big improvement over my Sonys. And yes they were obtained for zero dollars, so I couldn’t be happier.

Well, if you were going to have any set of Bose speakers those would probably be the ones to own.

There’s quite a bit of difference between these old-school Bose loudspeakers and the shitty bookshelf speaker dreck they market under the brand nowadays.

Congrats. Just make sure you play around with positioning in your room to get the best results. These direct reflection speakers are a bit quirkier to set up than most, as they are reliant on bouncing sound off your walls to fill the soundstage. You should place them 9" from the rear wall and about 18" from your side walls. The harder the material of the rear wall behind the speaker the better the reflected sound will work - if you’ve got just like drywall it’s going to absorb a lot of the vibrations.

I assume you’ve got the Active EQ that came with the system?

Yeah, I got the pre-amp thingy and my entertainment center is in a 3 sided bay wall. I’m not sure if that’s the best placement, but it sure sounds like the sound is moving around nicely to me.

aparently bose is teh antichrist here. I don’t get it either. Maybe they kill kittens?

Bose stuff can sound good. My car came with Bose audio, and it’s great. Though like all Bose stuff, the bass is at +5 when the setting is set to 0…

The backlash against Bose comes from them being the Monster Cable of speakers/radios: The equipment is priced much higher than the component quality justifies. The $350 Bose Wave Radio II is a $100-quality clock radio with the bass amped up.

Add that to the fact that the “premium audio quality” mostly comes from the beefed-up bass rather than clarity/accurate reproduction of recordings. This works great with consumers – to non-audiophiles, the extra bass makes the music sound better. But it pisses off audiophiles to no end, because in their perception, Bose is not only taking advantage of consumers, but doing so in a way that insults their appreciation of music.

There’s certainly nothing wrong with free Bose stuff. :) You can adjust the equalizer settings and get very good sound from them.

But paying retail for Bose products is… not spending your money wisely.