Holy @#^$& -- it's the Voodoo5 6000


I remember back in the day…

Hm. That’s not the only auction by that seller:


The Skuda is actually smaller than the V5 6000.

Jeezus… there are four fans on that thing. It must sound like a hoover. And that sure ain’t fittin’ in my Shuttle-sized Ideq box.

Why is it that when I read that I thought of Nvidia. And sure enough, down the very bottom it says that proceeds are to be given to a charity involved with Nvidia… I’m also pretty sure that card is actually bigger than my entire case… maybe even my computer room.

‘Nvidia - we like our graphics cards loud!’

What the hell, 500 USD!? I had two of the suckers which I threw out last year. Why are they so valuable?

hrm. until i see an official announcement from this “nvidia cares” organization, i’d consider this a hoax…

You had two V5 5500s most likely. They’re worth about $20 each, if that.

You sure about that? These were never on the market iirc.

Especially considering they spelled Nvidia wrong once…

The V5 6000 was announced but never delivered. 3dfx fell into financial ruin, and later into the arms of Nvidia, before it ever made it to market. It probably would have sold in limited amounts had it been made, just for the perversity of the whole thing.

It would have been by far the fastest rendering card of its day (although it had no Transformation or Lighting capabilities), and with 128MB of RAM… It was like buying two Camaros, and then putting one of the engines into the other for a V-16. In fact it fits that analogy in more ways than one… in that the Camaro’s engine wasn’t the most technically advanced or efficient way to get horsepower, but you got an awful lot of it.

The V5-6000 had four processors on it, all working in parallel to render the image. Each processor needed its own bank of RAM, so thus the 128MB.

It never made it into production, so this is likely a prototype or demo model.

The high bids are probably due to the historical/emotional value for those of us who remember those days, not due to its current rendering capabilities.

It’s almost like the SuperKyro, only real: