HOLY POO! That'll leave a mark!

That is some crazy stuff right there!

A co-worker forwarded this to me earlier with the link “14.5 mm artillery round removed from soldier’s head”.

I’ll happily carry THAT mortar around! Baseplate and all!

We have mocked him all afternoon by referring to the “14.5mm Air Force mortars”.

Geez, that doctor has cojones of solid steel.

I didn’t see an explanation of how he got a live round lodged in his head like that.

Did I miss it?

Probably a ricochet. Tracer rounds are not as aerodynamically stable as regular rounds.

It’s unlikely the tracer round igniting would have killed anyone other than the patient. It’s not an explosive. It’s like a miniature flare.

hmm. I take that back. Digging further, it may not have been a tracer round, but the MDZ variant of the 14.5x114mm cartridge: a Russian high-explosive, anti-tank, heavy machine gun round.

Man, if you can’t take a HEAT round to the head, what kind of a pansy soldier are you?

Someone who works for the VFW said that? Disappointing.

In his admittedly weak defense, he was Air Force. Which is kind of like saying you’re a hardcore gamer but only owning a Wii.

I have to say that to my gaming buddy that said he wanted to join the Air Force.

Thats understandable, since I don’t even consider the Air Force to be a branch of the military. The Boy Scouts are tougher than them.

That X-ray looks pretty scary, but note that the article says the round was removed from his scalp, which makes me think that this was lodged between bone and scalp and didn’t actually penetrate the skull.

Still, scary from a live explosive round perspective.

Goose and Maverick would like to have a word with you.

Goose and Maverick were Navy.

My grandfather, an Air Force colonel who could chew iron and spit nails, will probably rise from his grave to wreak undead vengeance upon you for that comment.

and quite gay if you watch the volleyball scene… O_o

Like he said, Navy. VeryNavy.

> say, “Hello, sailor!”
Nothing happens here.

Here is the ranking of our armed forces according to brain vs. brawn. You need both, but not always at the same time.

Pussies -> Dumbasses
Air Force -> Navy -> Marines -> Army

I don’t even know where I’d put the coast guard.

The Coast Guard are the hall monitors of the military world.