Home Carpentry!

I didn’t manage to find any other carpentry threads, so here I am!

Disclaimer:Being my first carpentry project this post is just as much about me planning things out and discovering problems as it is about sharing. So it’s gonna be messy.

I’ve discovered that I need more room in my kitchen, for storage of spice jars (canning jars filled with spice!), oils, and various other doodads. At least my current 3x3 space that’s been alloted to me isn’t big enough and I’m not allowed to attach anything to the wall.

So being entirely new to carpentry, here is a diagram of the unit I intend to build - measurements not included.

Now I do believe that is called a halving joint, though I don’t intend to have the posts flush with the shelves. I might change it to a housing joint which is almost the same except I only notch the post. Ignore the spelling error -.-

Anyway to do this it looks like I need several tools.

-1x soft mallet, for hammering them together without damaging the wood.
-Cramps, to hold them together while the glue dries
-a square
-A backsaw of some sort
-A paring chisel to chisel out the housing joint and clean up the joint
-An orbital sander for sanding! Or hand sanding depending on budget at this point

Now what I don’t know how do to is get my wood, and how it comes. I’d like the posts to be about 1.5’’ or 2’’ with the shelf about 1’. Purely for aesthetic reasons. I have no idea about this part and this is what worries me. Am I going to need a table saw or a miter saw to cut some wood to my preferred dimensions or can I find something approximately the shape and size I want. Will they cut down a sheet for me? I’d really like to keep the tool purchases for this under $200, which I don’t even know if that’s reasonable.

I’m unsure how to finish it as yet, what would be food safe etc. Recommendations? Or not, I’ll be looking around for some info here and there. I’m thinking a varnish of some sort…

I’ll also be doing book ends which consist of… 2 dark wood rectangles. Can I get wood 6 inches thick, a presentable wood that is. I shall see, might have to order something in.

Edit: Gah I need some way to level the inside of the joins, either a router plane or a… router. -.-

Leveling joints: A flat rasp should also do this, with considerable effort.

Cutting things off flush: Get a flush-cut saw, a flexible hand saw that you can press down to the surface.

Cutting things to size: If you want to give it a go, get a dozuki saw. Takes some practice, but if you are very, very careful you can get a respectably straight cut with one.

Clamps: See below

Where you need to go is Harbor Freight. I’m very happy with the dzoku and flushcut I bought there, they both work wonderfully. The dozuki is downright fun to use if you’ve only used Western saws, it flies through wood. But all the hand tools can be found at HF for a fraction of the price at a big-box store. Clamps especially are robbery at anywhere else.

For lumber, if you want to use oak then Lowe’s has a number of different sizes, and they would cut them to size for you. You would need to have your measurements in hand of course, so planning is critical. If not, you can buy in various lengths and cut off what you need.

Tung oil is food safe and is easy to work with. I’ve used it on shelves for the kids’ room and it turned out very nice.

Something like this-