Home open beta coming on the 11th

So does anyone have a reason for me to be excited about this?
I feel like this is supposed to be something big, yet for some reason I just don’t see anything compelling enough to draw me into this world.

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How much do you want Second Life, except minus all the sex and crazy shit that makes it interesting?

If they’d pushed the concept of Home as a MetaGame more (like, beating stuff in games gives you cool physical objects in Home, add in the concept of leveling up your avatar) I can see how it could be compelling, but the current design is a complete waste of time.

I got my closed beta key about 3 weeks ago, and yea, there’s not. Even taking into account this will likely be a Google style beta and on the 11th all the shops will be filled with virtual clothes and stuff, I just can’t get over how useless this thing is right now. I logged in for about 45 minutes, it just wasn’t barren but it was slow, clunky, and full of load times. A day after Sony announced 8,000 job cuts, I don’t even want to think about how much money they spent on it.

Yea, levelling up the avatar or something could be neat but I would think that would be totally tied to microtransactions and watching ads. Unlocking a t-shirt for beating Uncharted 2 is neat but that’s something they could do with gamerpics (whatever they are called in PSN) or even in the NXE on 360. It’s not by itself a compelling reason to visit Home - and there really isn’t any at this point. I

They are. It looks like pretty much all games inside and (eventually) out of Home will have some Home rewards.

Also it looks like they are finally adding some worthwhile game content:

It would have been more exciting if Sony had launched it a year ago.

A built-in flight sim? My 2.0 (on the 7-9 scale) rating might just climb significantly!

They should do a lollapaluza thing in home if they are going to have a flight sim. Then I might be on board.

I honestly thought this was a thread from last year at this time that had been resurrected.