Home theatre hdmi projo receiver troubleshooting dilemma -- some Xmas help pls?

Alright, frustrated with my projector problems I took another stab at it. The problem is more complex than I thought. Bear with me… I had done a lot of trouble shooting.

Projo: Epson 8350 (brand new)
Receiver: Pioneer VSX-921-k (brand new)
test Acer laptop
test Acer 23" computer monitor (cheap, old crappy, has HDMI input)
30ft 24AWG CL2 Standard Speed w/ Ethernet HDMI Cable - Black (in drywall - from Monoprice)
20ft 24AWG CL2 Standard Speed w/ Ethernet HDMI Cable - Black (testing - from Monoprice)

The Desired Setup: Projo ceiling mounted at the back of the media room. Receiver, Xbox, other inputs at the front left of the room. I fished a 30 foot monoprice HDMI cable which is supposed to connect the receiver to the projector.


When connecting the 30 foot HDMI cable to receiver and projector (using both the projector HDMI1 and HDMI2 ports) the respective errors: “Source: HDMI 1 No Signal” and “Source: HDMI2 No Signal” display from the projector.

Troubleshoot 1: Xbox and 2nd Monoprice HDMI cable (20 foot).
Direct Xbox and 20 foot monoprice HDMI connection to projector displays Xbox pictures using both Projector HDMI 1 and HDMI 2 ports.

Troubleshoot 2: crappy Acer laptop and 2nd Monoprice cable (20 foot)
Direct laptop and 20 foot monoprice HDMI connection to projector shows laptop desktop perfectly. Both projector HDMI 1 and 2 ports work with the laptop and 20 foot cable.

Conclusion: Projector isn’t the problem.

Troubleshoot 3: connect buried behind drywall 30 foot monoprice HDMI cable to Xbox and crappy Acer 23" old computer monitor. Xbox displays on the computer monitor. This is a direct connection between the Xbox and the computer monitor using the 30 foot HDMI cable.

Conclusion: 30 ft monoprice hdmi cable isnt the problem

Troubleshoot 4: xbox to receiver to projo
xbox hdmi connected to pioneer receiver hdmi input - (you can hear the xbox UI sounds so it is connected correctly to the receiver) - a short hdmi cable from another store was used here
30 foot monoprice hdmi cable is connected from the pioneer receiver OUT port to either HDMI 1 or 2 ports on the projector: “No Signal” for either Source

Troubleshoot 5: xbox to receiver to computer monitor

xbox hdmi to pioneer receiver hdmi connection (definitely connected because can hear xbox UI sounds with controlling joystick)
30 foot hdmi cable from pioneer receiver hdmi OUT connected to HDMI in for computer monitor
Xbox images shows up on the computer monitor and works well

Conclusion: 30 ft monoprice hdmi cable isnt the problem

so what is the problem???

can someone explain to me what is going on here?

I could be a stupid HDMI sync error. Sometimes if I turn my receiver on before I turn on the TV and other devices I would get the same no signal error. I found that Turning the TV on first then the receiver then the other stuff made it work for whatever the fuck reason.

That is kinda what it sounds like to me.

I guess you could try figuring out if you need to turn the Projector on then everything else to get the sync.

Thanks for the idea… I just tried turning the projector on first and waiting a bit and then turning on the other devices. Still same problem: “Source: HDMI 2 No signal.”

Anyone have any other ideas?

Go over on AVS Forums and ask there.


I would suggest the Home Theater Gaming / xbox subforum.

I had an issue recently where my PS3 and monitor stopped talking to eachother. The PS3, monitor and cable all tested good connected to other devices, but researching online it seems that sometimes the handshake information between two specific devices can become corrupted. The solution was pretty simple: unplug the power from the TV or monitor for a few minutes so the corrupted data fades from memory. So if that hasn’t come up already, give that a try. Unplug the projector for a while and then set everything back up in the desired configuration. With luck it will all work like it’s supposed to as if it’s magic.

HDMI as you know is a digital signal, which means either enough will get through the cable to be pieced back together on the other side or not. Past 25FT is generally where you may start running into signal degradation issues, espeicially if you’re trying to push a full 1080P.

It may be that the 30ft cable you’re using is on the cusp of functionality, and the signal being sent is working just well enough for the monitor but not for the projector. Also, I assume the older monitor is lower resolution than 1080P? Less data would make the difference here and explain the phenomenon you’ve noted.

Have you tried connecting the receiver to the projector using the shorter cable?

Because honestly, I don’t actually see that monoprice carries a 24AWG cable longer than 15FT that’s rated to do 1080P. Their longest 1080P “high-speed” cable is 25FT at 22AWG.

That’s probably because HDMI spec ‘limits’ 1080p to 25ft.

I’ve got a ~63ft HDMI run for my projector, the way that worked for me:

receiver -> 25ft cable -> Signal Repeater -> 25ft cable -> projector

The repeaters are pretty cheap, if you can switch out the wire with one in the middle it’s worth a try.

here is the link to them.

what does a repeater do exactly? does it boost the signal? it’s hard to believe that little thing can boost anything…

so you are saying that 2 x 15 foot HDMI cables with the repeater in the middle is SUPERIOR than 1 x 30 foot HDMI cable for sending signals?

I’m seized by a desire to know what the German translation of “home theatre hdmi projo receiver troubleshooting dilemma” is. Help me out, Germans of qt3!

Infinitely superior.

It doesn’t boost the signal, just make sure it comes through cleaner.

It uses the power over the HDMI cable(as per HDMI spec) in order to do this. They aren’t horribly expensive so it might be worth a shot, I was able to get an extremely long run with just one in the middle.