Home wireless networking question

I’m trying to hook my xbox and tivo to a small network hub, then get that hub to wirelessly connect to my internet router. Here’s the equipment I have:

Linksys WRT54G Wireless router with firmware 3.03
Linksys WAP54G Firmware 2.07
Linksys 5 Port Network Switch

Anyway, I read that in order to get the Access Point and Router to connect, I have to set the AP to a repeater setting. I also entered the MAC address of the router into the AP setup to tell it what router to look for. I just can’t get the two wireless devices to see each other.

So my questions are 1) Do I have the right equipment to do this and 2) is there something obvious that I’m missing here. Thanks again.

edit: just to add, I also made sure they are on the same channel and that the AP has the right WEP key

quick update, it seems to work okay now. not sure what I messed up but thanks anyway.