Homecoming (Amazon original series)

I thought some people here might be interested to check this out. It’s a drama/mystery show on Amazon that I watched over the last couple of days and enjoyed. It was cocreated and entirely directed by Sam Esmail, the creator of Mr Robot (which I haven’t seen, so I can’t offer any comparisons).

It was advertised as Julia Roberts’ big splash into modern television, but people here might be more interested in the costars: Shea Whigham and Bobby Cannavale (with appearances by Sissy Spacek and Hong Chau from Downsizing).

Also of note is that it is 10 episodes of 30 minutes each, which is strange for a streaming drama, but it certainly makes it easily digestible. Apparently it has been picked up for a second season, which seems like a mistake, but we’ll see.

Why? I thought you liked it.

It just does not seem like a story that they should try to continue.

Okay, sure. I’ve seen stories like that. The ole, quit while you’re ahead.

I agree with JPR here. This was a nice, neat little contained story told in easily digestible/bingeable 30-minutes chunks.

I don’t see where they go with a second season.

I had figured it was a one-off.

I enjoyed it but it seemed a bit overloaded with style. Esmail obviously really likes 70s paranoid thrillers (at one point he basically just lifts the best shot in All the President’s Men). It’s all so ominous and sinister that the evil conspiracy actually seems a bit on the mild side.

Still, for the meticulous direction and the fine score and the performances, it’s worth watching. Shea Wigham kinda steals the show as the plodding, persistent DoD investigator.

I didn’t realize this series was done by Esmail. I will have to check it out. It’s also nice to have some 30 min shows on the shortlist when I don’t have the time or attention for a 60 min watch.

Just started watching this last night, and so far it is outstanding. Good writing, good performances, and a great eerie tone to the whole thing.

Gordon I watched a few episodes tonight and I agree with you. This is pretty well done TV show with some absolutely excellent actors. It has a dark, noir twist and after two episodes I am hooked.

But playing that creepy music every time a question is asked. You know I almost think a more flat matter of fact look/sound would have been creepier. And I also agree on Wigham I am gonna look him up. His nerdy forthrightness mixed with those great facial expressions (nursing boss? lol) – he is just great.

I am going to Bump this thread because I am on episode 3 and Tom didn’t know what this is.

And episode 3 makes it even more mysterious.

Julia Roberts 30 plus minute mystery series TV on Amazon.

They should lay off the creepy music.

Let me put a point out on this show. Julia Roberts is being herself in a reserved kinda way. It works here. Stephen James… who looks super familiar… though I don’t know what he has been in … is freakin fantastic.

I am gonna go look him up. Edit: No I haven’t seen him in anything I recall. Odd he seems so familiar.

(it doesn’t hurt that he is super hot as well).

I wish the director would lay off the creepy music. I mean really.

(btw it is an odd show)

So, any theories on what was going there at the ending?

I’ll keep watching and see. My thought is super soldiers but … that’s the comic book in me.

Bobby Cannavale may be a good actor. But I hate him so much in this I am going to say he isn’t.

I mean the very ending, i think it was a post-credits scene.

I meant the part where the secretary suddenly became Colin’s boss, and then she did a strange thing where she tapped liquid to her wrists.

I read it that she felt so guilty about what her corporation was doing that she wanted a little of that sweet, sweet amnesia juice for herself. But just a guess.

Watched the first episode and it didn’t grab me much at all. Not sure if I’ll go back.

Pyper I just watched episode 5 I think. I can’t help it. It is Julia Roberts. But I do wonder if the mystery is for the mysteries sake.

Or more specifically, quit while you’ve told a story that reached a natural conclusion.

I didn’t realize there was a post-credits scene! I’ll have to go back and check that out.

Put me down as a fan of the show. Esmail’s visual/audio style is heavy-handed, but I enjoy it (both here and in what I’ve seen of Mr. Robot). And thirty-ish minute episodes for a ten episode season served the story well enough and isn’t a format many other shows offer, so it was refreshingly easy to fit into my over-crowded media diet.

Shea Whigham was my favorite casting decision, I love seeing him used well.

Just finished up Homecoming season 2. It’s only been a few weeks since I watched season 1, and that worked well because season 2 picks right up with the same story (though it takes an episode or so to make that clear). I really enjoyed the whole thing, despite a few slow spots in the first season. Didn’t feel like that at all in season 2, which could very well be due to it being 3 episodes shorter. Great show for anyone who likes the mystery/drama genre.