Homemade toys - Rivetwars

This is pretty cool; a friend of mine is making his own line of resin toys in his free time. He models them in 3d, has a prototype printed, makes a mold of that, and then casts a bunch. It’s pretty amazing what one guy can do.

He’s always been into steampunk and wacky military inventions so it’s been a great outlet for his creativity.


Very cool.

Some guys on another forum do their own castings for various games - including 6mm ones - that are absolutely spectacular. Really impressive stuff. I’ve gotten a few bits and pieces off them and they’re genuinely impressive given the scale.

That is really damn awesome. I am definitely going to pick up the Stug once he’s got them ready.

There’s a small model making factory near me. I say it’s a factory but it’s really a small enough building with a couple of machines. They have the official license for Lord of the Rings models. I went on a small tour of it a few years ago. Really nice place. They get sculptors to make the model to base the cast off of, not 3D printing.

These are the two sites, mithril for the LotR’s models.

Speaking of resin casting at home, someone apparently made a life-size Warhammer bolt pistol. It weighs six pounds.