Homeworld 3 - Fig / Gearbox / Blackbird Interactive

Super early in development, looks like there is going to be a FIG campaign?



FIG? Just invest some money from Borderlands 3 revenue, damnit!

In fact look at that goal, $1, lol. They just want money from the hardcore fans. The cheapest package is $60.



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Yeah. I’m waiting. No need to preorder now.

Here’s the fun question: will they be upfront with investors that this is inevitably going to be an EGS exclusive, what with it being Gearbox-owned?

Dunno, will we even have EGS exclusives in 2022-2023?

I like your optimism.

I pre-ordered Homeworld 2 back in the day, and even created a few mods for the game. But ultimately I was disappointed compared to Homeworld 1. Will await further details. (Concept art will not be enough.)

Homeworld Remastered also was sort of a flop I think. Gearbox squeezed out a couple major patches, but afterward no one heard from them again. The multiplayer lobby was fairly empty soon after launch, IIRC, so I kinda can’t blame them. (Not that I care much about multiplayer.) And from what I can gather, you need to install a fan patch in order to fully appreciate the game.

That is a great trailer. It hits the right musical notes and visual trails and voice acting callbacks from the ships.

But yeah, after the whole Planetary Annihilation fiasco, I’m never going to crowdfund any RTS game. If the game comes out, and gets good word of mouth from original Homeworld fans, then I’ll get it.

Ditto after Planetary Annihilation - I really hope this turns out well, and is not an EGS exclusive, and will save my money until I know for sure.

I wouldn’t have even minded it if it was EGS exclusive without crowdfunding.

I think it’s the other war around, they are letting people be investors to the game through Fig, that means they will receive a proportional part of the moneyhat sent by Epic. So at least if they do an exclusivity deal you have a benefit! (if you are an investor, not a normal buyer)

In a way he is being optimism : Did you know Epic Fornite revenue if decreasing in the last quarters? It seems it already peaked. By 2022, maybe they won’t have the money to do exclusives.

Right, hence my curiosity. For a certain kind of person, in this context, Epic exclusivity is a good thing. For others, it’s obviously unwelcome. In short, honesty is a mixed bag.

Wow! This is great!

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