Homeworld 3 - Fig / Gearbox / Blackbird Interactive

I don’t think I ever played much of HW1 past the very beginning, since I was more of a Freespace guy. I was hopeful for HW3, but maybe I will just go back and play HW1 Remastered if I get the itch.

I was pretty HYPED for this, but watched some youtube let’s plays and reviews yesterday and I’ve completely cooled down on it :frowning:

Going to the Steam page for it I’m almost upset that it’s at 48%! That’s even worse than I thought it would be, from the youtube reviews. It is simply people reacting to their unmatched expectation, or is the game genuinely crap?

I think people are judging it too harshly due to it messing up the vibe. Which it absolutely is guilty of. And sure, the vibe was my favourite thing about the original Homeworld; it’s literally my Favourite Game Of All Time (most weekdays) because of it*. So I feel that disappointment and understand it completely. Especially since it all seems so easily avoidable.

On the other hand I think the level design is really cool in places and it plays really well, with some minor caveats (but that’s always been the case with Homeworld). I played through a couple of wargames last night and enjoyed it. I’ll certainly replay the campaign again in future, just like I do with the other Homeworld games every now and then. I’ll just be skipping all the cutscenes.

* What can I say, growing up my dad had a Chris Foss artbook that I spent ages both poring and tracing over. It’s in my blood.

Yeah, I’d say Homeworld was 2/3 about the vibe, and only 1/3 about the actual strategy component, which says a lot on a, on theory, a strategy game :P

Hell, imo the vibe was already significantly decreased when they went from a super minimal UI in HW1 to the UI of HW2 :frowning:

As someone who might only play AI skirmishes, I’d like this game.

The videos make me want to play Homeworld: Remastered (which apparently I do not own). I can’t believe it came out 9 years ago; it feels like it was recent.

I have seen some cinematics from the game, and seems centered about a navigator having dreams, and was not too interesting. More this being a large scale war game in space. I guess would be great for a RPG, but I am a huge fan of

The missions themselves are tame. Conquer this. Follow this space tunnel (not the cool type of space tunnel, one through a superstructure). Crawl through this space canyon.

The graphics are okay, more than okay are pretty…

They are not hitting the right tones on the song they tried to play, but I will still be more than happy to buy this one when is 20€.

Commander, order all ships to change route, we go home.