Homeworld 3 - Fig / Gearbox / Blackbird Interactive


Came here to post that. I am giddy with excitement!

Gameplay reveal:


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I loved the hell out of these games back in the day. The slow pace of the cap ships in multiplayer was amazing, as you had to be decisive about where you put them. I used to play MP with house mates, and you could set your cap ships on path, then walk over to your friends room and taunt them about their impending doom. If they hadn’t scouted you enough to counter, they wouldn’t have time to build the right counter before you arrived (though there were many noble sacrifices made to try and get that counter out), but would be aware of their incoming doom for minutes.

Looking forward to another iteration of this fantastic franchise.

The Homeworld games intimidated the hell out of me back in the day since you only started missions with what you ended the mission immediately prior with - so if you had a tough time beating the last one and took a lot of attrition you might be poorly set up from that point forward. So I took to trying to, I dunno if min/max is exactly the word, but more or less try to find to a critical path my way through missions and I found that really un-fun.

How is that a gameplay trailer???

Karan’s narration gave me vibes of Roy Batty at the end of Blade Runner. Bonus points that you visit a location called the “Tenhauser Gate” in Homeworld 1.

I thought the same, but I guess they’re calling it a “gameplay first look” instead of a gameplay trailer. Either way, there wasn’t a lot of gameplay shown!

That also made the game extremely hard if you were doing good.

That description makes it sound like a real time puzzler. Did the task of finding this best path also entail dying over and over?

Homeworld never struck me as anything like a puzzle game. It’s an RTS where your losses are important, so can’t just throw away all of your units, but you don’t need to follow a prescribed set of steps to achieve success, and you don’t need to be perfect.

I remember only ending a mission after mining the whole area, just so I had resources for the next one. It made some missions quite tedious.

Does it still hold up today? A million years ago when I got it I had trouble with the 3d aspect and never got far. Was maybe thinking of playing the remastered edition.

I haven’t played it in forever and I don’t know how to compare our preferences/experiences/acceptance of older graphics, so it’s hard to say.

If you have it, I’d try it. If you don’t and can get it for a couple of bucks I’d buy it. I wouldn’t buy it for $35 though, I’d wait for a sale, but I buy everything on sale.

I’ve removed the link @Kolbex said was to some pirate site. Sorry.

Some missions also have a gimmick. Like a supernova that deals damage to ships outside of a narrow area or this “caretaker” that hijacks your ships in a space graveyard.

Also I recall the antepenultimate mission being kind of important in order to beat the last two missions which both put the mothership in direct danger. IIRC you need to farm/capture a metric fuckton of enemy beam frigates.

Yes, it wasn’t a puzzle game, but the missions all have a gimmick and follow a story script. That really bothered me at first, but then I just came to peace with the idea of playing through a mission, finding out what’s going to happen, and then restarting the mission with that advanced knowledge and playing it “for real” the second time through.

The mission I got to was the one with the blockade, where you face a literal 2D plane wall of frigates in 3D space. You have to get beyond that blockade, so you have to attack that wall somewhere. I always kept trying to go in there and steal frigates, and then the rest of the surrounding frigates close in on you, and it doesn’t go well. I always kept replaying that, trying to get it better, and not lose so many units in that battle, so I never went past it. I always took heavy losses in that mission. Maybe I should have just accepted the heavy losses and moved on.