Homeworld 3

Blizzard ended up with it? Huh.

Best 99 cents you will ever spend.

They never reused Cataclysm’s ship experience system, right? I liked that.


I have the Homeworld Remastered collection on Steam, but it looks like it doesn’t come with Cataclysm?

That’s correct. You should get it on Gog while it’s 99 cents! :)

I think Cataclysm is kind of like the Diablo: Hellfire of the franchise, in that it wasn’t done by the original developers and isn’t really recognized as canon.

In the interview I linked above,

There’s a guy who works here [for Digital Foundry] called Will Judd, and he’s a massive fan. He particularly likes Homeworld: Cataclysm and he wonders if any ideas - like asymmetric multiplayer or the Beast virus that infects and takes over ships - could carry over from there?

Rob Cunningham: Well, one thing I can say is that the original writer from Homeworld 1 and Cataclysm is working with us on Homeworld 3, so there’s a whole bunch of stuff that - it’s not going to be directly brought over from Cataclysm but it’s the same guy. Martin Cirulis, who’s a great guy, a fantastic writer. But yeah, I don’t think we’re going to see a lot of direct porting over of ideas from Cataclysm directly into Homeworld 3, but we’ll leave that TBD.

Ooh Martin Cirulis. I haven’t seen that name for ages.

The source code of HW:C is lost. So nothing to remaster unfortunately. However, there is a mod that allows you to play Somtaaw and the Beast in multiplayer.

Extended version of the same video, shows actual UI now.

This is getting released soon, right?

Where is the hype?

Is it? going to be released soon, I mean.

I didn’t know it had a date.

Maybe they’ll start hyping it at E3? Well, Summer Games Fest, I mean.

Very possible, in my opinion. And release later on Q4 2023, or Q1 2024.

Still no release time frame on the Steam page, so I’m assuming it’s at least two quarters away.

Aww delayed to Feb 2024.

More time for baldurs gate

Wow. Surprising.

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