Homeworld 3

Oh now that’s really cool. My wife would probably kick me out if I put those things out around the house but I am tempted.

Ooooh, I miss the days when Collector’s Edition boxes were common and had all kinds of cool stuff. Hell, even the days when standard edition physical copies were all you could get and often still came with cool wall maps and stuff.

That’s some pretty cool stuff, but I’ll have to pass at $180.

I bought/preordered that a few years ago when it first appeared on the fig campaign. Very much looking forward to receiving it - I have a shelf set aside.

Kinda wondering if I should get two copies, though. I bought the HWR collector’s ed. way back when, but my mothership got chewed up pretty badly by Madame Ripleur, who was a troublesome kitten with a bad munchy habit at the time (seriously glad she never tried her luck with a power cable). She doesn’t do that any more, but lesson learned - said shelf has a glass door in front.

I’ve wanted to replace it for some time but last time I saw a collector’s ed. for resale on ebay, it was five hundred quid.   (╥﹏╥)

Perhaps such battlescars are better just worn with pride.

Tape a health bar above it showing it is partially damaged.

Thats… a great idea, haha.

Some gameplay

Now with a proper yt link (i hate twitter videos, sorry)

It kinda looks like Homeworld with updated graphics.

It is interesting how much better it looks, even though it doesn’t look all that different. Like the animations look more complete, with in-between frames compared to the original.

Way back in the day, Homeworld was the very first game I got demoed to me while in development.

Id hope to see some kind of advancement in gameplay.

It has been so many years, and so many people now don’t know the IP, that I just want a good game, drastic steps forward in gameplay can wait until a new sequel.

Well, there’s definitely an uptick in the environment with cover and tunnels and such. Otherwise seems like more of the (historically very good) same.

Ahh yiss, the gaming industry is completely saturated in Homeworld-likes the gameplay has become so trite…only in the best timeline.

I imagine there will be incremental improvements. I’m more interested in the mission design and what they do with the storytelling.


Well that sold me on Homeworld 3. Music in the original game is 60% of the reason I loved Homeworld. Maybe 70%.

Yeah, I never finished the first game’s, but kept the soundtrack on an mp3 player for decades to come. And it wasn’t even the Adagio For Strings In Space, it was Paul Ruskay’s beautiful realization of Golden Age SF put to music. It’s like Bear McCreary’s pulsing rhythms and wails for the BSG reboot, but, you know, first.

So, I’ve never really played a Homeworld game, but loved the music, obviously.

What it looks like, is a massive, slow, fleet battle combat game, not unlike the combat in Battlestar Galactica? If so, sold! I’ve always loved the idea of slow battleship carrier type combat, but no game realyl came close, because people seem to want fast and furious action.

Well, it’s a full-on RTS, but yes, very BSG-like. In fact, there was an awesome BSG total conversion for Homeworld 2.

Frigates or larger are slow but fighters and corvettes are pretty nimble.