Looks pretty nice so far imo. I love their art guys so much, they really have some imagination. Too bad im not 10 years old tho, anime-inspired spaceships would be so much cooler…

I liked Homeword 1; genuinely a great game, some flaws and imperfection, but pretty good all around. Hopefully they peg the balance here better than before.

Did Impossible Creatures suck that bad?

Forget Homeworld 2, Ground Control 2 was announced today! And, yes, Impossible Creatures is not so good.

I wonder if Homeworld 2 will feature another Yes song, or if they will make the switch to Alan Parsons Project?

Well there goes a hundred bucks…

I’m hoping that, like Bill Bruford before it, Homeworld 2 goes to King Crimson.

Ground Control and Homeworld

RTS that didn’t stagnate

I heard that Homeworld 2 will actually be called Homeworld 1980, as they are trying to go for the “Galactica 1980” kind of feel. The Homeworld has been found, now they must protect it from attack by giving hoverbikes to boy scouts and solving pursesnatching crimes.

Scarily enough that’s already covered in the FAQ. And no… YES is not using any songs.

where’s this FAQ located, buddy o’ pal? i checked Relic & Sierra and didn’t find nary a one

Yes, and no. Here’s a link to my review of the game: http://www.wargamer.com/reviews/impossible_creatures

Yeah, the reviews for it have been pretty average.


I thought my review was pretty good. It was the game that was average :wink:

Your review was average, too.

Nice to have a fan

Hey, you be messin’ with ma boy, Dave. He’s my homie over at the big WG, and if you gotta problem with him, I’ll bust a cap in yo’ ass.

I think he might have been referring to this IGN interview w/Relic:

Thx for the links; looks like boring combat sinks the game.

I never finished either Homeworld or Ground Control, and i didn’t even get to play GC online since some warez d00d stole my cd-key and i couldn’t find a number to contact. I got as far as the 100 Ion-Frigate level and faced with either fufilling my o/c nature and spend like 20 hours capturing each one or screwing my fleet and running hell bent into the gate, i just quit heh. GC never held my interest for long, though in many ways it was innovative, streamlined, and easily playable. Maybe it was because of the most talkative protagonist ever, whom would rattle off allegretto;

"And then that bitch decided to AWARD him for massacring unarmed men! And will probably even promote him for cutting them down like too many inconvient merger assets. He’s probably back at base already with that ugly grimace recieving his commendations now. ‘Oh, yes ma’am, thank you ma’am!’. God hypocryites all of them, and im the worst of the lot. I always imagined during my academy days how glorious it would be to fight on strange worlds, zooming off helter-skelter into the unknown; not blasting lunatics into the next life. What are we doing at here, are we really any better than those deluded zealots and their apocolytic cults? "

It was really that chatty.