Homm 5 Whow

I have bought it today, and what should i say: wow its beautyful (sic!)

never played the demo since i have known from the beginning that i would buy it anyway…

They have gone back to Homm3 but with 3d. You dont have to decide which tree of creatures you have to take you can build them all.

as far as i can see (played only four a few hours) the skill system is more like homm 4 but good. The Heroes have special abilities like every homm number, but this time there are a few exotics with them… like rangers who get an dedicatet enemy…
Im sorry that i cant tell you more but i have to go to sleep…

Sic, indeed.

It’s out in Germany? Doesn’t come out here in the U.S. for a week. I guess it’s making it’s way west from Nival headquarters in Russia?

didnt you know that we germans and the russians are THAT close together???

its rapallo all over again, but only for pc games…

Do all heroes look the same (excluding Main characters)? And if I were to equip a hero with some fancy item, like armor, does it show up on that character?

The game seems to look a lot like WoW, if you ask me. They have relatively similar art styles. I certainly like it.

nope the charackters look all different (they even have different riding beasts). Dont know if equipment is showing with them ( have to look tomorrow).

Yeah, the Europeans get it first for a change. Why does Ubisoft hate America?

SuperHiro, the hero models are fixed. Items just sit in an inventory screen.


Isnt Ubisoft a french publisher???

remember freedom fries??? ;)

I’m halfway through the second campaign now. I’m loving it (and I hated HOMM4, btw.) But I’m also finding it incredibly tough: gigantic maps with sometimes scarce resources and/or resources guarded by so many monsters they keep depleting my stacks before I get to the real fights. Or maybe it’s just my lameass strategy. Still though—VERY happy with this game so far!

So, does it still have the gameplay where you can spend two hours thinking that you’re doing really well, levelling up heroes, building your city, claiming resources and then kapow! ubermonsterhordestack from hell appears and you realise that you lost the development race to the computer an hour ago without realising it? Because I hate that.


What RTS game doesn’t have that problem? I’ve been creamed by ubermegamonsterhellstacks in Kohan, GalCiv 2, Warhammer… at least until I learn the tempo of the game and how to fortify my position.

This isn’t an RTS- it’s turn based. So I can’t even blame poor twitch skills. Also, the game doesn’t allow you to be defensive- you are either top dog economically/numerically or you die. Admittedly, that’s kinda the point of most games. I just found that most scenarios felt like a puzzle game- I have to do this, this and this by then, or else I will lose. As soon as you lose your megastack, you can’t play catch-up.
Or maybe I suck- I don’t know. Tell me more about the good things in HOMM5 though. Anytyhing new?

Isn’t scouting supposed to address this issue? I guess HoMM 5 doesn’t provide any means for the player to efficiently keep tabs on enemies until they are initially encountered; I don’t recall any methods of early scouting in the demo.

Taverns, which are basic buildings for any race’s city, let you buy intel reports on the other players. Were those not in the demo?


Maybe. I played through the demo skirmish scenario that forces you to use the demonic race, and the tavern wasn’t purchasable in that one. There were some campaign missions available too, though, but I avoided them after hearing reports of high difficulty.

So the question then becomes, if you can buy intel at taverns and keep tabs on your opponent(s) progress, do you have any excuse when ubermonsterhordestack from hell knocks on your city gate?

The demonic race gets taverns in the full game. You just open the tavern display in your town, click on the Thieves Guild tab, and you can see a breakdown of how many towns, heroes, and resources each player has, along with stuff like each player’s best creature and a few other details. I think you have to pay to update the info, but it’s a negligible amount.

So the only excuse you have for getting creamed by an ubermonsterhordestack from hell – and it will happen – is that you suck. But at least you’ll know it’s coming.


I should clarify that the demon tavern on the demo skirmish map is disabled - it’s present on the build window, you’re just not allowed to buy it in this particular scenario.

So is the Collector’s Edition worth the extra cost?