Homm 5 Whow

How is the strategic-map AI? Do the enemy heroes seem pre-scripted or do they feel like computer opponents? The demo wasn’t encouraging on that score, and neither are the posters at Celestial Heavens. One of those poasters also claimed that the computer gets a hiuge resource boost at all difficulty levels, to the point where even w/o pwning any mines and only a few towns it can buy hordes of troops. Please tell me this isn’t true…

Dont know yet… the first scenarios of the campaign are only against neutrals…

will tell more when im there

I’m wondering about this as well. The AI in the nonscripted MP games I’ve played seemed to build very fast, even on normal difficulty.

It comes with HOMM 4!

So that’s a “no”, then?

Quite aside from any of the points in this thread, I’d just like to suggest that we keep with the innovative spelling of “WHOW” in thread titles when the thread isn’t about World of Warcraft.

That would be so AWHESOME (SIC) and save me some clickery.

So that’ll happen, like, what? Once a month?

Actually, I think this is the first one since it went gold. I thought McMaster’s WoW Topic was another, but upon review it looks like it, in fact, turned into a World of Warcraft thread.

So more like once every 18 months maybe.

Did you check the new Tier 3 sets? Looks pretty cool to me, I’m looking forward to Naxxramas.

www.interactcd.com has the import now.


P.S. off to buy it shortly :)

Edit: It’s only $39.95 and comes with a DVD instead of a bunch of CD’s. Opening it now :)

So, was it hard to open?

Nope, but it didn’t want to work in my DVD player (Securerom problem). Fortunately I have another. So far, the game seems like an upgrade more than an expansion but I haven’t played it a lot yet :). Disappointed that there are so few standalone scenarios but I guess Ubisoft expects the gamers to do their work for them.


Some of the new non-combat skills/abilities, when use in conjuction seem to make this possible …
When advanced enough , these skills/abillites gives you extra gold, Huge discount on upgrading/units , or boost number of units avail etc.

combined with a skill like “train unit” or something (upgrades units to one a tier above . eg. a tier 1 peasant to a tier 2 archer )
normally u only get 12 archers per week ,now you get 40+ per week (upgrade 30+ peasant to archers)

If the AI isn’t able to compete without massive cheats on moderate difficulty - then the game seems pretty inane. One of the primary reasons people got so disenchanted with the series (outside of the fact they released so many add-ons), was people were irritated to control an entire map, but still have the computer out-produce them in it’s one suriving city. In fact, giving the AI all the resources it needs, eliminates most of the strategy from the game and makes the player feel like they’ve accomplished little more than overcoming scripted map tricks. So if the AI has to cheat that’s one thing… but hide it well enough so the player doesn’t know.

Interestingly, my Mom (62 years old now) was a huge Heroes of Might and Magic fan. For a while that was her favorite gaming series. She played from Homm 2-4. But early on in HOMM IV she finally discovered the AI was cheating (even on normal difficulty level). She said from there on out, the game lost its sense of fun and competetiveness and she immidiately quit even though she’d just started a new game.

And even if its cheating… what do you want: A Challenge (with cheating)? or a walkthrough that your 5 year old nephew could beat (in sleep and drugged)…

I dont know yet if its cheating or not… But you know what, Moo2 was one of the best games evar and it was cheating like hell. So what?

It was? Oh nooo…

The “So what?” matters in how the “cheating” is implemented. Game AI is notoriously difficult so it’s usually necessary to provide some sort of edge to help AI players in games. When the edge provided invalidates strategies that should work according to the rules of the game, then it crosses into the area where the fun is ruined (at least for me).

Let’s take a civ game as an example. Let’s say I manage to cut off all horse resources from the Mongols to limit good ol’ Genghis’s mobility and prevent the production of horse archers. Good for me. But if the game was set up give an edge to the AI by allowing it to produce horse archers without the need for an actual horse resource, then it would suck rocks. It severely violates the rules of the game and invalidates perfectly good strategies.

In MOO2 you couldn’t starve AI planets with blockades (I think). That sucked, but the game was still awesome. I wouldn’t tolerate it in a game today, though.

Lorini, how did you get it so quickly? is it mail order or a download? Did you order it a couple of days ago?

I live about 4 miles from Interact. They are usually pretty good about stocking Euro computer games, so I check their website from time to time.