HOMM3/Red Orchestra/W:AoI/AoM

Since I’ve gotten my mitts on one of these external drive thingamajigs, I’ve been loading all my games on to it, especially some old ones. Discoveries abound…

I’ve heard such good thingts about HoMM3 that I’m almost paralyzed into inaction. Are there any websites that still dispense advice about this game? It seems quite friendly, but I very easily get myself smacked in no-win battles, so I need all the help I can get!

I just uncovered the famous UT 2004 mod Red Orchestra, which is a thing of beauty despite numerous quirks. Now it seems that it is being re-released from Steam very shortly. It could well be the best WW2 FPS yet, but I’m curious as to the take on it here. As it is, for $20 they can consider it downloaded.

Who still plays War:Age of Imperialism? Anyone? [echo]

And I just have to write a mash note to my love Age of Mythology. Returning to it after six months with clunky AoE3 was like heaven…I’m sorry, Elysium. And quite funny since I neglected to build gather sites for the first half hour of the game. I’ve railed on before that AoM could really use another patch, but at this point, I’m simply happy to be playing again.

I’m replaying HOMM3 now (never tried the expansions, so I picked up the Complete version). I’m loving it once again, but I don’t find it particularly hard. I think I have the difficulty set on normal, though it was on easy for the early campaigns. My advice is to build up one or two heroes with great units and let them get xp while your other heroes collect things and bring them fresh troops every now and then. That works for me. Or do you mean more specific advice?

Running the risk of seeming like an ignorant gamer, I wanted to ask what HoMM 3 was all about (embarrassed smiley).

Everyone who’s played it seems to gush over the game with affection. Is it an RTS? An RPG? A mix of both? Or is it something different? Is there any game out now that’s remotely like it? Would it still appeal to a gamer who hasn’t played it before?

Heroes of Might and Magic 3.

Turn-based overhead map. You have mines, random monsters holding resources. It was set in the scenarios, so a gold mine would be held by any creature Level 3 whereas a chest of gold may be held by a creature level 1. So the chest could be a few scrubby goblins, gnolls, weak creatures you can defeat easily with few casualties and get your hero extra XP.

XP used to develop characters, you basically had super mages who could chain lightning the field of battle, or knight heroes that would make YOUR goblins capable of damaging even dragons.

Combat turn-based, every unit taking turns depending on its initiative.

Old-school games that you may like if you liked HOMM3:

Disciples (same moving heroes, xp, conserving resources)

Imperialism 2. Okay, not because it’s like HOMM3, but it’s one of those old games you dig up and can play forever and cry how the AI beats you. Imp2 would make a great candidate for a multiplayer rerelease and polish IMHO. but maybe takes a bit long for most people.

It’s a turn based strategy game in which you explore a fantasy landscape, build your army, level your heroes, and attempt to CRUSH YOUR ENEMIES AND DRIVE THEM BEFORE YOU.

HoMM3 is (in my opinion) the best of the series. Great style (Honestly, I think hand-drawn 2d graphics on the PC died after this game) and gameplay that never seems to get old to me.

Also, the campaigns are LONG.

I played Red Orchestra for hours when It first came out as a mod for UT2004. I loved it but always wished for more maps and didn’t want any vehicles added. Quality product.

I used to play all the HOMM games and they are also a blast.

Still have War: Age on my computer here at work…nice risk-like game.

Try Celestial Heavens – they seem to have a lot of the guides from an older site I used to use for HOMM3. I especially recommend the Jolly Joker (JJ) strategy articles (under General on the left side) for most of the town types.

There’s a selection of strategy articles, as well as a lot of user made maos at the Map Haven (pretty much the stuff that used to be at the Astral Wizard site):

Qt3’s own Christoph Nahr has a bunch of excellent Manual addenda for HoMM III, too.


Thanks for the info on HoMM3. Looks like it could be worth picking up if I can find it.

HoMMIII is easy to find…


HoMM3 was just for sale at GoGamer as the Complete set for $12. And I’m very happy that I’ve got some strat guides to go on. Score!

HoMM3 is one of the best games of all times…get it.

I strongly disagree.

I strongly agree.

Whatever you knuckleheads do, don’t dare explain your positions!

It was AWESOME!!

I think we just had this argument about a year ago, and back then it had already been too long since I had last played the game for me to back up my opinion. All I can think of now is that I never felt that the game gave me enough information to do well.

I’ll use the following “feature” to explain myself, even though I know I’ve said this before: I don’t like how HOMM3 hides its numbers. In the game you come across heterogeneous groups of enemies. For each type of enemy, you are given a text description of how many there are. Stuff like “a few”, “some”, and “lots”. Obviously there are numbers there, but they decide to hide the numbers from you. Except there are so many different adjectives for group size that I don’t know how to order them all, causing me at least once in every game to attack a force that is stronger than I expected. It’s the type of thing that wouldn’t matter to an experienced player, because at that point they probably know the approximate numerical ranges for each adjective anyway. So all it accomplishes is to piss off people trying to learn the game. I felt that those sort of poor design decisions permeated the game.

Wow. I think the group-size thing is one of the coolest ideas in the game.
How realistic is “General! There are 703 soldiers marching through the pass!”?

Plus it was sorta cool the first couple of times to see words like “legion” and “myriad”, and wonder if you’d better just unplug your computer immediately and go hide in bed!