Honda's Rube Goldberg: Coolest Commercial This Year

The Daily Telegraph reported that it took 606 takes for them to finally get the sequence of events right. There are no special effects in this 2 minute commercial, just a whole lot of really tired math and physics majors who spent months setting this sucka up.

The irony is that the motto “It Just Works” took 605 failed attempts before it worked correctly, but it’s still the coolest commercial I’ve seen in years.

Navigate around and watch the high bandwidth version.

It’s really something I could only imagine being dreamed up in Japan, and I think they’re the only ones stubborn enough to do it.

here is an unofficial mirror site

That is insane. It’s all real? Wow.

Yeah definitely a good commercial, much better then those odd Kia car commercials :D

All I wanna know is how they made those tires go UP the ramp. Any ideas??

It’s really something I could only imagine being dreamed up in Japan, and I think they’re the only ones stubborn enough to do it.

The makers of the commercial are Peter Fischli and David Weiss.

Odd for japanese names. cough


According to this Daily Telegraph article, the tires were weighted with bolts and screws:

At one point three tyres, amazingly, roll uphill. They do so because inside they have been weighted with bolts and screws which have been positioned with fingertip care so that the slightest kiss of kinetic energy pushes them over, onward and, yes, upward.

  • Alan

No, there is an obvious influence from their film ‘The Way Things Go’ but they weren’t involved in it.
The director’s name is the still distinctly unJapanese Antoine Bardou-Jacquet however.

Thanks Alan, I think that’s cheating though.

Anyone else find the walking windshield wipers kinda creepy?

Well my mistake then, Chet.

I still think it’s just about the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen - and that often suggests a rather alien culture like Japan’s.

If at the end it either showed a school girl in panties or a woman bound with tentacles raping her, or a bunny with a pancake on its head I would agree. But there is simply not enough fetish fun in this piece for it to be the trademark Japanese obsessive style.


Not quite real:

"The full advert is divided in two - because the studio couldn’t fit in all the kit at once.

Just one second of computer generation is used to link the two halves - when an exhaust pipe rolls across the floor."

This is according to the Daily Record. You can read the whole thing here:


Loyd Case

I read an article that said they put weights in the tires to force it up hill.

Oh, actually the article is linked above this post…

this one

That is indeed an amazing ad.