Hong Kong :(

This is worrisome:

Hong Kong threads keep disappearing off reddit. Not sure how much influence Tencent has over the company.

That’s a bit scary.

China threw out the terrorism dog whistle. Trump said the individuals were rioters not protesters giving China an easy lanyard to throw around their necks with the idiot-in-chief looking the other way.

FYI - some of those committing violence like firebombs are undercover police using it as a means to coerce others into violent acts, and then they turn around and arrest them.

I saw the thread on reddit earlier as well. This doesn’t bode well. The protesters are mostly unarmed and in my opinion, very unprepared for armed thugs in force.

God I wish this would just come to a peaceful solution.

Yeah my besty lives where they’ve held a couple of protests. Not ground floor but high above Still, dangerous. Fuck those commies.

Note that this video is from Aug 10 originally.

I wish that America was led by sometime willing to give those kids the support they deserve.

So much this.

Let’s see, last “decent” Republican President was George Bush senior, right? Wonder what he would do about this sort of thing in China…

Vomit on Xi Jinping?

That was GW Jr. His Dad was a good president.

It was the elder. :)

Whoa. All this time I thought Jr. has puked or passed out. Did jr. do something like that too?

Like get us into two wars, one still running, that have killed millions innocent Iraqi and Afghan civilians? Nah nothing as embarrassing as bad sushi.

That probably describes W’s Tuesday nights for a couple decades.

The vomit thing was just a flippant joke about GHWB throwing up on important people in Asia, but in all seriousness if Desert Shield / Storm is anything to go by, he would be working on an international coalition to try to defuse the situation. Not militarily, but diplomatically and economically.

Unfortunately for us, Trump has made us an international pariah. Okay, that might be overstating it, but our allies aren’t exactly happy with us and we’re not a reliable treaty partner as Iran can testify to.

His love for tyrants and dictators trumps his so-called anti-China stance.

Maybe he would be trying to defuse the situation, but if I remember right he was in power the last time China had a bit of an issue with large quantities of protestors, and how did that go?

Not that it wouldn’t be an improvement on Trump, but in practical terms, China can mostly do whatever the hell it wants, it won’t be foreigners changing that IMO.

I was just in Hong Kong like a week before all the protests started. Crazy to think about. My wife’s sister and her family lives there but they are in a super ritzy high tower apartment so I think they are fine.