Hooking an Xbox to a PC

Has anyone tried hooking up an Xbox with a PC TV card like the ATI TV Wonder? You have to use an RF Adapter to connect them, but I’m assuming that it should work (so long as you set your TV software to display Channel 3).

I’m thinking about bringing my Xbox into my office so I can hook it up to my DSL router, so I can use Xbox Live. But I don’t want to have to set up a seperate TV onto my desk.

I’ve seen that $200 solution that Viewsonic just put out (http://www.viewsonic.com/products/video_box_nextvisionn6.htm), but it’s a lot of cash, and I already have an ATI TV card in my system.

Last time I tried it on my ATI AIW8500DV board, hooked up my PHDTV, it worked like a charm. YMMV

I think you would save some money by getting one of these instead:

I have one for my gamecube. Not fantastic looking, but as nice as a standard TV… it IS possible to use a VGA monitor as a HDTV and I’ve seen the Digital-out-to-VGA cable for gamecube on a UK site, but it was listed as 50 pounds which doesn’t seem worth it.

I’ve seen those. Only prob is that they’re $50, plus you gotta pay for shipping 'em in from Southeast Asia.

I had an Xbox RF adapter someone gave me, but I think I loaned it to someone and forgot who it was. But I can get a replacement RF adapter for less than $20 from some friends.

Any console should work fine through a TV card. I used an old STB PCI TV card to capture screens from console games a couple years ago. As long as it has video in and you can run the audio in there either through the TV card or a sound card, you should be fine. You won’t get improved resolution, but you can at least play games and capture screens or video.

The biggest problem I had with capturing Dreamcast games at the time was the inability to get clear shots when a game ran at 60fps and I was at the largest screen size. You’d often see ghosting because you were getting essentially two frames of animation at once. Soul Calibur in particular was one I had trouble with. Dead or Alive 2 also. Thankfully, SC has a clear pause screen IIRC.


One of the nice programs to get if you have a tv card that supports it is dscaler:


Really cleans up the image on some of the cheaper cards. Doesn’t do much for the pictures taken, but does improve video quality.

I go from the RCA video out on the XBox to the RCA video in on my Hauppage WinTV card and it works like a champ. No $50 bullshit needed.

Yes, but it looks like shit.