Hooray for permanent absentee voting!

After 15 minutes with Google and the candidate list, my primary voting is done. To all of you living in states without vote by mail: nyah nyah.

Yeah, some people are such suckers!

Seriously, I think this sort of thing could spark an upturn in voter turnout. I think a lot of people avoid voting not because they don’t want to cast a vote, but because its a hassle to physically go and vote (albeit a minor one). Making the process easier can only help matters.

If you don’t care enough about the election to walk down to the polling place between 6 am and 8 pm, I don’t want you voting. I say, bring back the literacy tests.

If voting online could somehow contribute to an increase in the quality of available candidates, then it might help me. Otherwise, I may have to agree with Reeko.

I challenge you to tell the non-partisan judge candidates apart without a pre-written down list of who to vote for.