HOORAY, one good Oblivion news

Excuse the tone of my posts today. I had to balance the negativeness.

I’ve ranted to no end in the past about Bethesda’s bad support to the game. Especially because the game is still plagued by various technical problems that were never addressed (crashes on exit, stuttering movies, sounds being cut off and more).

I was reading an interview about the upcoming expansion and the very first question is the EXACT same question I’d ask to Bethesda:

Will there be any updates or additions to the scripting language such as there was with Morrowind in the expansions; will we see new scripting functions and additions with Shivering Isles? Also, apart from the new meshes and textures, does it add any capabilities to the game that couldn’t be added through the existing construction set? If not, are there plans to release an add-on that expands the game engine rather than simply providing new game data at some point in the future? For example, will the improved distance-rendering that will be in the PS3 version of the game also be applied to the PC and Xbox 360 versions of the engine?

Yeah, does the exp add just more content or we have some actual new features?

The answer isn’t as good as the question. BUT WE GOT SOMETHING:

We do plan to release an update before Shivering Isles comes out that addresses some issues and adds a few tweaks/improvements, including the distance-rendering one you mention.


It’s not anything crazy, but it’s already something.

(the rest of the interview is here)

That is one, great news.

Normally it would be great news, but now I’m worried it will break my painstakingly constructed house-of-car^H^H^Hmods.

  • Alan

If the patch makes all major quest lines possible to finish without paying close
attention to the phase of the moons in-game and outside while balancing the
contents of your harddrive in a feng shui way and talking to every NPC in reverse
alphabetical order, this might be great news :)

I’ll digitally download the 360 version of the expansion on release day anyway.

Also, since the expansion is out in a week, I guess we can expect the patch in the next few days. Hopefully.

I’ve restarted my work on top of Oscuro’s mod. Maybe I’ll go through the whole game for once.

WTF, Shivering Isles is next week? That totally crept up on me. I’m still playing through the Knights of the Nine downloadable content updates, after buying the whole thing on DVD last month. Better finish it soon.

WTF, Shivering Isles is next week? That totally crept up on me.

damn, same here. My big concern is if they change the .EXE, the Oblivion Script Extender won’t work anymore until the mod devs can re-tool it.

I want to get this but damn, bad timing for me. I have a huge backlog and Stalker is coming out.

Backlogs are like world economy. If it doesn’t grow regularly then it’s Very Bad.

I’ll pick it up for the 360 as that’s where I got knights of the nine as well, my PC version is such an intracate web of mods and addons that anything offical may throw a rock through it. But still, wow it’s due out next week I thought it was still a few months off, must finish TQ addiction or learn to manage time between 2 games.

I’ve been aware of its release for a while, so I’m holding off on stuff like Immortal Throne
until later. I saw the trailer on Xbox Live when it was released, and the faces are
much better than before. Not one mutant face, all pretty monsters :)

The only thing that disappointed me about that trailer is that all the voices of the ‘new’ people are the same voices we’ve heard on about 6000 other NPC’s.

Not to mention all the NPCs in Morrowind, plus a bunch of starship captains in Star Trek Legacy… I wish Patrick Stewart could read a couple of lines for Shivering Isles.

I wish Patrick Stewart had been an actual character that lived longer than 5 minutes…

Sean Bean was great as the heir to throne. Of course half of you fags didn’t even touch the main quest!

I’ll finish it eventually. I like the world better without all the stupid gates everywhere harassing me on this play-through. The incentive is to play as a goodie-two-shoes and do the Knights of the Nine stuff first, then fighters and mage guild stuff, then do the thieves stuff, then finish the MQ, then do the Dark Brotherhood and Servant of the Dawn stuff. :)

How is Knights of the Nine for a mage character? Is it worth bothering with or should I save it for a Knight style character?

It’s much more appropriate for a paladin type, but you can complete it as a mage. Personally, I’d save it for a more appropriate character.

Thanks Shadari, I’ll roll a pally for that stuff. For those of you that have played with fighter chars, how have you dealt with staying alive? I find it’s almost impossible to stay alive without using Restoration Spells like nuts, and healing potions are hard to come by.

I like the world better without all the stupid gates everywhere harassing me on this play-through.

Looks like there are a few mods that are supposed to disable the random Oblivion gates, has anyone tried any of those?

Since I beat the MQ once already I’m planning on just doing Kavatch so I can try out that Kavatch Reborn mod, but I don’t want to deal with those annoying random gates that get triggered anymore : )