HOORAY, one good Oblivion news

Man that sucks. I just bought S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and had no idea this was so close. So much for keeping my backlog under control, sigh.

I don’t use restoration spells and healing pots like nuts, no. But that may be because when I found the game getting excruciatingly difficult, I lower the difficulty slider just a tiny bit, like the wuss that I am!

But yeah in some encounters I had to keep chugging health potions. As a fighter with restoration spells I found myself using it mostly to get my health up after fights rather than during the fights themselves, which I prefer to spend swinging away at enemies.

Incidentally, is there a better helm for a heavy armor melee fighter than the one you get from doing the fighters’ guild quests? I did the first part of the Divine Avenger relic recollection and the helm was worse than the fighters’ guild helm, which is pretty awesome and looks neat.

For melee on the PC I’m not even going to talk about character builds on that, for the 360 however I’m pleased with the melee toon that I created without touching the difficulty slider. The thing I did was to make sure the major skills didn’t load up on the real major skills so leveling was a smige on the slower side.
Breton with majors as

But I wore Heavy armor so that leveled fast allowing for quick End points early on, the thing is that endurance (last time I bothered to check) was not retroactively applied to hitpoints so the quicker you hit 100 end the higher your helth pool can be. Using sword and shield allows for a nice build up of end and str from combat you can also switch to mace or hands to speed up strength gain though I didn’t find that necessary. Alteration allows you to work into the good shields and stat boosters to help buff up during an pre fight. Restoration has your quick in combat large mana cost for large health return spell and post combat more cost efficent HP:mana spells. Illusion is there for some night eye and later on paralisis spells freeing up enchant slot on your prefered weapon of choice. Mysticism was thrown in as a cheap way to force level by chain casting detect life but also I find that it works just as well to have detect going shortly after entering a cave or other dungeon. With minial spell spam for level I found it highly enjoyable.

My path for quest completion was to start up mage quests from everywhere I could and get in with the dark brotherhood. With needing to walk to all of those quests and clear out any dungeon you fell like poking your head in it should be easy to level at a nice rate just be careful what you fight Will-o-wisps make me need to run like a little girl if I don’t have a properly enchanted sword with me. The quest for knights of the nine I found to be a bit easy for the toon as he currently was, but I did like how it gave Heavy armor since that skill was higher kinda worried it was going to be chain armor from the screenshots I had seen.

If you play a jack-of-all-trades type and want to do be a thief/mage combination then I guess the quest rewards are kinda worthless?

I wouldn’t say worthless. If you don’t mind spoilers, then see the rewards below. [SPOILER FOLLOWS…]

The rewards you get are a full suit of armor, which will be heavy or light depending on which is higher on your character, a shield, 2 one-handed weapons and the ability to select one of 8 or 9 different long-term blessings that increase your stats by 5 or so. You can choose any of the blessings, but only one can be active at any time.

That is why I love lurking on this board. Anywhere else, that would get you called a grammar nazi.

It seemed to me restoration was sort of worthless with a melee fighter with very high endurance. I reached 100 endurance and strength pretty fast which meant my intellect and magicka stayed quite low. So the cost of the higher end healing spells was huge compared to the percentage of hitpoints they restored.

As long as people are not serious about whomever they’re ribbing and aren’t being needlessly or incessantly dickish then QT3 is mostly just a place where people either laugh or shrug at comments like this.

Good to know! Thanks!

Low level restoration spells for stamina are wonderful for grinding your acrobatics. (I just constantly jump and restore as I go about towns doing quests)

The patch (PC) and title update (Xbox) will both be released today. Mazel Tov.

Hoooray 2!

Hour? :)

Please be full of fix!!!11

So I guess this means you should uninstall the Unofficial Oblivion Patch from Baldurdash and wait for a new one…?

I was sleeping but the patch is out.

  1. Update 1.2 Notes

New Features

10 new Xbox 360 Achievements for Shivering Isles

Bug Fixes

Improved LOD visual quality for landscape.

Optimizations to file loading system.

Taking items from dead owned creatures is no longer a crime.

Fixed issue where lock/unlocked states on doors would occasionally be stored incorrectly in a save game.

NPCs no longer pop into view after player cancels out from the Wait menu.

Fixed memory leak with sitting in a chair multiple times.

The reflection from the environment map in windows now displays properly.

Fixed an issue where player is still in combat even though the creature is no longer present.

Player can no longer fast travel when paralyzed.

Fixed infinite dialogue loop when arrested by guards who have high disposition to you.

Fixed issue where guards would not properly report crime if they were pickpocketed.

Summoned creatures properly fade away when they are created from a leveled list.

Fixed issue where stolen items would lose their stolen status if the player character was female.

Fixed crash that would occur with NPCs loading in with arrows.

Pickup sound effects no longer play during the loading screen.

If you attack a creature owned by you, crime is no longer reported.

Fixed issue with LOD not loading in properly when entering/exiting worldspaces.

Fixed infinite soul gems exploit by dropping and picking up stacked soul gems.

Fixed a crash with summoning a creature and immediately exiting the cell.

Fixed a crash with stealing an object, exiting and immediately
re-entering an interior.

Fixed issue where an NPC would occasionally not perform the proper idle animation.

Fixed an occasional crash when a creature loses detection on the player.

Fixed an occasional crash with NPCs who were not loaded going into combat.

Quest Fixes

In Light the Dragonfires, fixed issue where improper journal would appear if you closed an Oblivion gate.

In Till Death do They Part, fixed an issue where Melisande would not properly give you Cure Vampirism potion.

The thing I hate the most now is to have to look where I put the original CD.

Crack, where art thou?

I bet a crack will show up on the usual torrent sites, megagames, and gamecopyworld in short order.

So, I just ran it.

The patch didn’t fix some annoying bugs I had (like the freezing/stuttering movies and first screen lag that can be fixed only by enabling sidebanding on the BIOS, but that breaks other games), but it gave me a measured increase in FPS of about 5%-10%.

The new LOD smoothing system seems to work nice, and will work with whatever texture or LOD package you use. Basically it does what we suggested back then: blur the line between near and far plane by blurring the two textures.

To notice that it isn’t done dynamically. Basically whenever the LOD jumps to a different cell you can see the sharp line for a second and then the blur effect that “fades in”. But it’s not as annoying and evident as it may sound, you really have to look for it to notice it.

There’s also a slight dither effect on the textures, I think it looked much better on the PSX3 screens, though.

I’m a little unsure why they list 360 achievements as being a new feature for the PC version, and for an expansion that isn’t even out yet, no less.

By the way, now even the standard LOD textures look decent. This new effect really helps a lot.

how does this play with all the mods and unofficial patch?

There shouldn’t be any conflicts for the most part, but weird things may happen.

For now I haven’t noticed anything bad.