Hooters sets sights on Holy Land

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Hooters of America Inc. to Open Restaurants in Israel

ATLANTA (AP) – Hooters, the restaurant chain known for its tasty wings and scantily clad servers, is heading to Israel.
Atlanta-based Hooters of America Inc. said in a statement Monday that it has reached a franchise deal with llana and Ofer Ahiraz to open the first Hooters restaurant this year in Israel, with several more locations in Israel to follow.

The first location will be in Tel Aviv, Hooters spokesman Mike McNeil said Tuesday. The franchisees are from Israel. Eventually, other parts of the country may be considered for locations, but there have been no formal decisions about where, McNeil said.

“For the most part, it will be identical to what you’re going to see in the United States – the same uniform for the girls, chicken wings and burgers,” he said.

He said he wasn’t sure if kosher fare would be offered, but he said Hooters would be open to the idea if that was requested. There may be some variations in the menu based on food availability and local tastes, McNeil said.

Asked about any religious concerns about Hooters opening in Israel, McNeil said, “We’re not aware of any concerns at this point.”

There are over 430 Hooters Restaurants in the United States and 23 other countries, including China, Australia, Switzerland and Brazil.

The chain plans to expand over the next two years to Colombia, Dubai, Guam, New Zealand and India.

The chain said international expansion is a key focus for the company.

Hooters, a privately held company started in 1983, is known for its spicy chicken wings and the women who serve them, which the chain refers to as “Hooters Girls.”

Besides their revealing attire of low-cut, tight tank tops and short orange shorts circa the 1980s, the waitresses are known for their playful banter and friendly smiles.

The chain has about $900 million in yearly sales and is expected to cross the $1 billion mark for the first time this year.


The religious nuts are gonna go wild. I hope they die of apoplexy on the spot!

I’ll be there opening day, struggling through the riots of garbage-burning ultra-Orthodox to get my overpriced wings.

Though come to think of it, this may end up being under their radar. Who knows.

Wonder where they’re going to open it. There’s a space in Dizengoff Center (Israel’s biggest mall) that just recently went vacant… grin

Meh, plenty of Israeli people like burgers and wings. If McDonalds can be successful in Tel Aviv, Hooters can be too.

Looking at that list of international locations though, can you imagine the Hooters in Brazil? Holy shit…

McDonald’s doesn’t have scantily-clad waitresses.

Though admittedly, it won’t be in Jerusalem. Which was a very good decision on their part, which unfortunately will lead to less hilarious RL drama for me to read and be amused by.

I don’t know if you heard about it, but there were practically riots when McDonald’s said they were going to open a non-kosher store in Jerusalem.

So basically I’m hoping the religious nutjobs get their panties in a wad about Hooters so that I can laugh at them.

They’re planning expansion into Dubai :O ?

That would be awesome, but I can’t imagine they’d be able to get through with it. Then again who knows.

Neither does Hooters. At least not in California.

They do by Israeli standards.

The wait staff has the potential to be awe-inspiring. Also, there’s really no need for them to be scantily-clad. It’s more attitude (positive and friendly) and service (attentive).

I shouldn’t have said scantily-clad. It’s not quite the right term.

But those uniforms are still risque enough to send the religious into paroxysms.

Only in Jerusalem, though. I ate at a kosher place [blanking on the city now] that had a belly dancer. Obviously didn’t bother the local rabbinate that much.


I know there was some serious outcry just about opening a non-kosher place in Ra’ananna, and that’s not quite as nutty as Jerusalem.

I thought Dubai was pretty much $$$$ ruled.

Like, you have a big company, and what you want to do is illegal there. You say, hey, change the law for 150 feet around our location, here’s a gazillion dollars, and Dubai is all ‘sure man ,your cool, your cool…’ And you can then have your children’s chogglepant studio or whatever horrible shit.

It is a place where $$$ rule, I’m pretty sure there is no law that would prohibit the existence of a Hooters branch here, I’m just curious what the reaction of people here would be. It’s quite a lot more tolerant of everything than any of the surrounding states/countries.

Man, Dizengoff center is so dead. I heard there’s a place a 100 or so kilometers from Eilat.

Ra’anana has a lot of immigrants, who are disproportianately religious. (Frex, “The Jerusalem Post” used to have something like a letter a week complaining that the food column also had non-kosher recipes in it. Don’t know if that’s still true).

There are a lot of places more down-to-earth than Ra’anana.

I’m gonna be sad when the first Hooters gets blowed up.

Boobies for Jesus!

No but seriously, I’ve been to Israel several times. Outside of Jerusalem, and for the most part in all of Israel, the cities are VERY westernized. The youth of Israel isn’t heavily devout Jewish as you might think either. There’s a thriving club scene, malls, restaurants and theaters galore. The perfect place to plop a Hooters. Not to mention the young ladies of Israel are pretty attractive as well. Probably the only thing that will need to be done is changing the menu slightly.

Everyone there isn’t the Hasidic stereotype and doesn’t necessarily eat Kosher either. It’s probably the opposite of what most American’s would think of the place.

Jewish chicks have great hooters. This thread demands a future resurrection with pics! Aaron and Gav, your mission, should you choose to accept it…

No digital camera, sorry!

Though I did date a girl for a while who had enormous ones. Like, big enough that she was seriously going in for breast reduction surgery to reduce the back pain.

But most of the Israeli girls seem to be in the slim/athletic kind of category, rather than the buxom category. Just my impression. Gav? What do you think?

I’m not Gav but I thinks your’e eyesight is lacking.