Hoover was really screwed up


“In California several months before, the Director’s chauffeur-driven car, while making a left turn, had been struck by another car from behind. The Director had been shaken up. He had been sitting on the left side behind the driver. Now he refused to sit on the left rear seat any more and had forbidden all left turns on auto trips.”

That was only the beginning. The agent in charge of hotel accommodations for the dynamic duo had to reserve a suite with living room and two bedrooms, private bath for each bedroom, mattresses “must not be too hard, not too soft, must be just right.” Each bed required four down pillows. “All appliances in rooms, such as radios and television sets, must have typed instructions explaining how to turn on and turn off. Typing must be neat.” Flowers okay in living room but not bedrooms. “If liquor placed in suite, Director drinks Jack Daniels,” at which point the SAC interrupted: “Jack Daniels black label, Sid! . . . Let’s get that right!”

And people think the moonies are something new. We had, for all intents and purposes, a cultist running the FBI for 50 years.

Hoover’s professed homophobia is just strange, considering the blatantly obvious thing he had going on with Tolson.

What’s worse is how you can have obvious whack jobs like this in government office and everyone just sort of lets it slide. Wouldn’t it be great if one of his aides would have decided to have him committed? (Right before said aide was imprisoned for 20 years).

Crazy as he was, he was pretty much the only bigwig in the FDR administration to openly oppose the idea of herding Japanese Americans into concentration camps. Still, he was gay.

This quote is great: “I want to be sure the doctor looks and acts O.K., not like a fairy or a hophead or a pharmacist’s mate off a Chinese gunboat.” So basically, William S. Burroughs was director of the FBI for half a century. I’d think hippies would be happier about that.

If he wasn’t trying to get them shot, yeah they would have been happier.

Didn’t know that about the internment. He also got hardcore on the southerners killing civil rights workers once he started to look bad in the press.