Hope Davis or Laura Linney?

For a while, the answer was easily Laura Linney. These days, it’s Hope Davis, mainly because of The Nines, Mission Impossible III, Genova, The Lodger, and season 2 of In Treatment. She’s like the new Kristin Scott Thomas!

What about you guys?


Nope. The answer is still Laura Linney.

I just had to get this on the record first thing. I’ll add more later I’m sure.


“I don’t even have a cat.”

Hope Davis, hands down. I’ve been sold on her since I saw her in Luck of the Draw. An Ice-T presence usually kills a movie for me, but Hope Davis stole every scene she was in.

I like Linney, but she’s no Hope Davis.

Now that’s dirty pool. No fair bringing up Breach. At least you didn’t jump straight to You Can Count on Me or The Squid and the Whale.


Their scene together in the pool in Wild Things makes it impossible to choose, so I nominate Laupe Davney, the mutant combination of hotness.

I don’t know. Hope Davis is looking pretty fine, but I’ve still got to go with Laura Linney. I’ve had a crush on her since Goonies.

WTF are you talking about? Neither one of them was in Wild Things. Am I missing an in-joke?

I don’t think Laura Linney was in Goonies either… Either I am also missing out on in-jokes, or some people are crazy.

Laura Linney by far.

Laura Linney’s latest album was just awful. Hope Davis, on the other hand, shined in Avenue Q. So Hope Davis all the way.

Laura Linney. Wait. Is this conversation for a living room or locker room. I’m guessing David Lynchonion living room. I better go.

Damn, this is a tough one. Laura Linney was great in Out Of Africa, but Hope Davis totally steals every scene she’s in of Feeling Minnesota.

On the other hand, Hope Davis was a good enough actor to pretend to be into Paul Giamatti (who looks like he could be a long lost relative of the madkevin clan), which means I probably would have more of a shot with her than Laura.

I thought Laura Linney was the main reason to watch the original Men In Black, so she’s got my vote…but then I think about Hope Davis and how sexy she was in Reservoir Dogs and have to reconsider.

Human females are inferior to Morbo.

Going to have to go with Hope Davis. Her parking lot scene is the main reason to watch American Grafitti.

Laura Linney. Hope Davis is nice looking, and they were both great in that BBC version of “The Great Gatsby”, but Laura Linney might have the most amazing cheek bones in all of history. I melt when I see them.

Hope Davis, hands down – her cameo in U-571, alone, made that movie almost watchable.

Catharine Keener.

Laura Linney. Why isn’t this a poll? Loved her in Love, Actually, and was taken by The Savages. And this Hope girl I never even saw once, I think. Was she the one in Half Nelson?

No, she’s the one in Armageddon, The Ring II and The Incredibles.