Hope Dies Last

True story: I was reading this last Christmas after dinner, and my Dad asked what it was by.

“Studs Turkel.”

“STUDS!??!” (raised eyebrow, clearly I’m reading TEH GAY BOOK).

“Socialist oral historian.” (rolls eyes)

Anyway, really cool book, good to flip through randomally when you’re in a bad mood. Personal stories of lots of people who’ve done Good Things. Of course, they’re all protesters, union guys, people who were falsely accused of murder, and so on; all the better.

More explicitly political than Working, but more actiony. Lots of strikes, people getting shot, and so on. Good stuff.

Heh. Studs Turkel. That’d be an awesome porn name. Almost as good as my favorite, Vic Chestnut.

Pick up “working” by the same author. It’s great.

Dick Trickle.

Best racing name ever.

— Alan

Aww man, he died.

Ebert wrote a really nice tribute to his fellow Chicagoan.