Hope springs eternal for Bush: Chemical Weapons found?

There have been several false positives before, and this may be yet another false positive. Still, it seems news-worthy.

That’s the whole article, but here’s the link:


There is a great polish joke in there somewhere.

A few dozen corroded artillery shells does not a stockpile make. And it certainly doesn’t pose an immenent threat to the United States.

Everything poses a threat to the US!

Completely irrelevant.

It’s hardly surprising that there are assorted remnants of chemical arsenals floating around. The nature of one shell found several weeks ago was a bit unexpected but not a made-yesterday kind of smoking gun.

To me the most interesting thing about the WMD aspect of the Iraq affair is the unanswered question: what did Saddam think he possessed? The intelligence failures of the great powers and the political spin put on intelligence interpretation has been covered in great detail. Beneath it all however, there was reasoning for the analysis. Perhaps the most bizarre sphere would be the development programs and facilities or lack thereof. The very nature of the Iraqi system would be the programs were such that the left hand wouldn’t know what the right hand was doing. But the different hands did exist in some form, but if so they were lying to the head. But it was known there were other hands, and surely they weren’t lying? Why the elaborate games and misdirection with the UN inspection teams?

An interesting question is whether or not anybody outside or inside Iraq was truly in a position to know the emperor had no clothes. Iraq didn’t put up a very convincing performance leading up to the war, and as it turns out, Bush and Blair weren’t bluffing.

edit: +1 iraq war buzzword bingo on G-3 for ‘imminent threat’ used on page 1.

Every time they report that a chemical weapon is “found” a guy should walk out with a trombone and play “Wah wah wah wah waaaaaah” afterwards.

And what are the feets’ role in all of this?

Wah wah wah wah waaaaaah:

Warheads found in Iraq not chemical weapons, military says

BAGHDAD (AFP) - Multinational forces in Iraq (news - web sites) said that more than a dozen missile warheads said to contain mustard gas or sarin have tested negative for chemical agents.

You guys are so behind the times. WMD searches are so 2003. The new game is to claim you killed some leader of a terrorist group, then of course recant it 2 days later.