Hopefully easy laptop logout question

Got a Toshiba laptop with XP home installed. If I leave it running for a while without touching anything, it kicks me out to the user login screen. Unfortunately, if I have any programs running (like, say, a bittorrent client) those stop as well. The only way I’ve found to avoid being kicked to the login screen is to constantly run an avi in the background, which is a pretty clunky solution. I know there must be a simple switch somewhere in the control panel to turn off this logout behavior, but I swear to God I can’t find it. Help!

Check your screensaver settings, there’s usually a “lock terminal” option or something like that.

Thanks! I’ll check that after work.

To be more specific:

Display Properties | Screen Saver, make sure that the option “On resume dipsplay welcome message” (or something like that) is unchecked.

Actually, that’ll keep the login screen from being displayed, but chances are it’s set to go into power saving mode whenever the screensaver kicks in, and network traffic isn’t set to keep it awake, and that’s what’s killing your BT client. Probably need to adjust your power saving settings.

As mouselock said, adjusting the actual Power Options will probably be necessary. You might also want to turn off power saving for your NIC specifically.

Go to device manager (right-click My Computer, choose options, hardware tab, device manager button)
Open the Network Adapters Section
Double-click your NIC
Go to the Power tab
Uncheck “allow windows to turn off this device to save power” and maybe check “allow this device to wake system”

Excellent! Gonna try all of this. Thanks.

Problem fixed! Thanks!

So which was it?!

I just did everything, so I think it was a bit of everyone’s advice.