Hopefully, it won't take 25 years to get Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge 2

Hopefully, it won’t take 25 years to get Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge 2 December 17th, 1995 was the air date for Marge Be Not Proud, the 11th episode of The Simpsons’ 7th season. In it, a clueless Marge buys Bart a copy of Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge, and she expectantly looks on as he hides his disappointment at not getting the infinitely more awesome sounding Bonestorm game. (To drive the point home, the episode’s end credits play over a clip of the snooze-worthy golf game.) Decades later, the internet would use the pivotal scene as the basis for a million memes. Someone finally made Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge. You won’t have to shoplift it either. Aaron Demeter has thankfully uploaded his creation for free. You can play it here in your browser. Former Simpsons writer Bill Oakley has even given the game his seal of approval.

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Possibly my most quoted thing ever.

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Honestly, I’m surprised it’s taken this long to get made.