Hopping Vampires

Anyone have any recommendations for Hopping Vampire movies? I’ve seen one or two but don’t recall thier titles. Wouldn’t mind a selection of recommendations for both older and newer.

You’re probably talking about something wildly different than what I’m imagining.

I was talking about chinese hopping vampires, they bounce around like undead bunny rabbits.

like so.

What were you imagening?

Crazy Safari is quite possibly the greatest movie of any kind ever made, hopping vampires or no.

The Mr. Vampire movies are great.

mr. vampire 1-3, I think encounters of the spooky kind might have some. chinese ghost story 1 + 2 are decent but I cant recall if it has vampires or not. There is one other one that stands out but I cant recall the name.

no hopping, but must sees: The bride with white hair, eternal evil of asia (dickhead! haha). Also the evil cult just for the finale stuff (demon fetus weapons, like a flail!).

Oh and harder to find, but ‘spooky spooky spooky’ is the best sammo hung directed movie. Ridiculous mishmash of evil dead, friday the 13th and jaws.

The Evil cult starring Jet Li? With the Monk tied to the boulder rolling around in the canyon? It was a while since I watched it but I have no recollection of any fetus flail. If that’s the one I guess I’ll have to watch it again.

Might have mixed it up with the end of another title. Back when I did film FX I was paid in crazy hong kong films.

7th curse is also a nice one, w/ Chow Yun Fat.

Vampire Hunters is pretty good, although it’s been a while so I’m not 100% sure they hop. Good kung fu flick nonetheless.

Also, another vote for the afore mentioned Chinese Ghost Story, and Bride with White Hair.

I’ll second the Mr. Vampire recommendations. Chinese Ghost Story(s) are really good, (Its been awhile, I don’t remember if there are hopping vamps there either).

I think Vampire Hunters has a fair share of hopping vampires.

I loved discovering the whole genre back in the day. The hopping, the little pieces of paper stuck to the dead’s heads ect. Awesome genre conventions.

I don’t remember hopping vampires in Chinese Ghost Story, but it’s been years. Really the only thing that sticks in my memory is the crazy Taoist priest flying around on wires while rapping about what a crazy badass Taoist priest he is. Which probably makes it worthy of renting again.

I remember really enjoying “Encounter of the Spooky Kind” with Sammo Hung. Hopping vampires, coffin-fu, and a climactic moment I really did not see coming.

If Crazy Safari is the same thing as The Gods Must Be Crazy III, then I fully endorse the above statement.

RIP N!xau

That is the best of the funny hopping vampire movies, Sammo is the ass-kicking asian Lou Costello.

Tsui Hark’s Vampire Hunters is one of the HVM I’ve watched. It has a zombie wrangler in it, which might be the best job title ever.

For those who hasn’t watched the Evil Cult I recommend it heartily, it is incredibly confusing and enjoyable.

Yeah, Chinese Ghost story is great, if sadly devoid of the hopping menace.

I’ll look up White Haired Bride and Mr Vampire and Crazy Safari. Thanks for the recommendations.

Wiki article on the jiāngshī - aka “hopping corpses” - which are the inspiration for all those hopping vampire movies.

That wiki article notes that they are usually dressed in Qing offical garb, on which significance I have pondered previously. I guess it doesn’t go further than Manchu bad, Vampire bad, ergo Vampire must be dressed as Manchu.

I just discovered there is a second “Encounters of the spooky kind” movie.

Yeah that one is excellent as well. Also, ‘The Fake ghost catchers’ is pretty good. Dont think it has the hop though.

Sweet home is a decent but more serious one (that was a nintendo game too!) with Dick Smith FX (if Savini is a master, this guy is God himself, he’s the one who figured out proper fake blood [add kodak photoflow {not to mouth blood!}])

Robo Vampire is the only movie of this kind that I’ve seen. It is fucking hysterical.

This is really weird stuff. I’ve never seen hopping vampire kung-fu before. Thank you.